Choti Sardarni Written Update, November 8, 2019: Param participates in the competition

In the latest episode of Choti Sardarni we see how Param participates in the contest and wins the rounds.
Choti Sardarni Written Update, November 8, 2019: Param participates in the competitionChoti Sardarni Written Update, November 8, 2019: Param participates in the competition
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The episode starts with Sarabjit hugging Param. He thanks Kulwant. Kernal says that Kulwant's husband and Meher's father was his bravest of soldiers. He salutes Meher. Sarabjit and Meher prepare Param for the tests. They ask him spellings and he remembers them all. They all give him blessings. Nirja too blesses Param and wishes him with a lot of happiness. Param says that that he needs a special blessing. He tasks blessings from Simran.

Amrita scolds Yuvi and Kulwant asks her what she is doing. She tells her that Yuvi has broken legs of so many kids. Yuvi says that even Dadi broke Param's leg. Amrita says that Kulwant fixed her sprain. Kulwant asks why is everyone doing to Meher's house. Amrita tells her about the test. Kulwant says that they will all go there to motivate Param. Param and everyone come to the competition. The host welcomes and says this is a test of the upbringing of the kids.

The last round will be full of surprises. Param starts running. Everyone cheers for him. The host says they have to run and write the phone number of their house. And then they have to sketch their house. They have only 3 minutes. The race starts. Param doesn’t run. Meher and Sarab urge Param to run. Param is standing on the line. Meher blows a whistle. Param fixes his shoe laces. Meher does it so he can copy. Param runs. He sits down to write the number.

Param recalls how Meher made him learn with a poem. He writes the number. Param goes to sketch. He can’t draw and already wo minutes are over. Meher and Sarab are worried. Param remembers Meher asked him to recall Simran when he is scared. Meher taught him how to sketch. Param sketches his house.  Param has drawn his whole family too. Everyone applauds Param. Nirja is in tears. All the kids run. Param runs too. He crosses the line too. The host says the names of kids who are into second round.

Param is one of them. Sarabjit and Meher are joyous. The second round starts. Kids have to walk on a bar. Param passes the rod. He passes the tunnel too. Meher asks him to hit the target. Param hits the target. Everyone applauds. The host says Ahil and Param are through to the last round. It’s tug of war. Khushi says the other kid is so healthy, Param would lose.

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