Choti Sardarni Preview, November 5, 2019: Param's custody to be handed over to his Nani?

This is what will happen in Choti Sardani in the coming episode. Check it out.
Choti Sardarni Preview, November 5, 2019: Param's custody to be handed over to his Nani?Choti Sardarni Preview, November 5, 2019: Param's custody to be handed over to his Nani?
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Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and Avinesh Rekhi's Choti Sardarni topped the TRP charts recently. The show which airs at 7:30 has been raking up the charts like never before. In tonight’s episode, Nanaji suggests Mehar and Sarabjit allow Param to participate in a motor skills competition. While Mehar immediately accepts the suggestion, Sarabjit disagrees saying that his son does not need to improve anything. Later Mehar tries to convince Sarabjit and he finally gets convinced and signs an MOU stating that if Param loses the competition, his custody will be handed over to his Nani.

Last night's episode started with Avtar being apprehensive about filing a case against their own son in law. Nirja said that they should and they will win the case. Avtar asked if Param and Sarabjit be able to live without each other to which they say that Sarabjit will thank them and that they will make Param an amazing human being. They will get him into a good school in London. On the other hand, Nirja tells Sarabjit that they have come to discuss about Param's custody. Everyone is stunned. Nirja asks Harleen and Meher to stay out of the matter. Nirja tells him that they will take Param to London as she thinks he isn't being taken care of there properly. Sarabjit says that Param will stay with them and they don't need to discuss it any further. Param says that he won't go anywhere.

Sarabjit tells her not to worry about his upbringing. Nirja tells him that they have already taken the decision and it's upto them to accept it or fight them in court. Sarabjit hugs Param and gets emotional. Meher tells him that she won't let Param away from him and that's her promise. Khushi calls Param an idiot for colouring an apple blue. Meher calls out Khushi for her bad manners. Khushi apologizes and leaves. Nirja points out on how he is being taught.

Nirja shows his medical file and points out that he has weak immune system. Meher tells her that he had suffered from chicken pox. Nirja says that he should have recovered in 2 weeks to which Meher says that every child has a different recovery time. Nirja says she wanted evidence and got it. She says that if Simran would have been here, this would not have happened. She says that she does not want to snatch him however she just wants him to be brought up right. She tells Meher that she can come to meet him in London and she will send him to India for vacation. Sarabjit says that Param won't go anywhere and Nirja tells him that she will see him in court.

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