Choti Sarrdaarni SPOILER ALERT: Taiji tries to slap Meher and leaves everyone shocked

Choti Sarrdaarni show will be bringing a high voltage drama for its viewers in the upcoming episodes.
Choti Sarrdaarni Choti Sarrdaarni SPOILER ALERT: Taiji tries to slap Meher and leaves everyone shocked
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The popular TV show Choti Sarrdaarni is entertaining the audience to the fullest. The show makers are coming up with new twists and turns. The show stars Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia, Avinesh Rekhi, and Anita Raaj in the lead roles. The chemistry of the lead pair is adored by the fans a lot. So far, we have seen Mehr (played by Nimrit) will get a clue about the truck accident and she will be trying to get more information. Moreover, Daarji has warned Mehar and Sarbjeet not to make any mistake else they will have to leave the Gill mansion forever.

And in tonight’s episode, Sarabjit cleverly takes the file from Taayiji. Meanwhile, Daarji takes the kids for exercise. Meher gives them juice and Harleen brings Halwa for them, as Daarji starts teaching tables to kids. Taayiji is also eating halwa and suddenly, chokes and Daarji tries to run to help her but stumbles because of his weak knees. The kids shout for help and Meher comes and starts patting Taayiji's back to save her from choking. While the family thinks that Meher is misbehaving with her, she soon spits out the nut and turns to slap Meher. Everyone is shocked! 

The kids of the house are also scared of Daarji and from his cane. They came to know that he used to beat Sarbjeet from that cane so they hide it. But when Daarji comes to know about it, he scolds them.

Find out on Choti Sarrdaarni, Monday to Friday at 7.30 pm only on COLORS.

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