Gattimela, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Happy moments at Dhruv & Vedanth's Haldi

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Gattimela, 22nd October 2021, Written Update: Happy moments at Dhruv & Vedanth's Haldi (Image: Still from Gattimela)

In today’s episode of Gattimela, Aadya and Sarthak come and tell Manjunath that they’re also from the bride’s side so they’ll help them. Vikranth, Dhruva, Adithi, and Anjali also help them. Vedanth and Ajji also come to assist. Amulya tells it's not fair if the bride herself isn’t present there and helps them. Parimala tells she would be even happier if Aarti also helped her. Aarti comes and helps them and Suhasini doesn’t like it. Amulya gets lost in Vedanth’s eyes and uses the stick on the ground instead of the mortar. Vedanth signals her to look at what she’s doing but Amulya doesn’t get it. Adithi sees this and nudges Amulya and tells her to do the work. Amulya laughs shyly. 

Dhruva and Adithi exchange glances and smile at each other. Vikranth and Aarti grind the turmeric slowly by looking at each other. Kanta comes and yells at them to stop, and everyone is shocked. Kanta then says he did that to shock them and laughs. He also tells them that he’ll help and Manjunath tells him he can grind the rest of the turmeric and everyone laughs. Suhasini thinks somehow they managed to grind the turmeric and looks at Aarti. Aarti sees that Suhasini is disappointed. Ajji tells that in marriage you need to even enjoy the process of getting things done. 

Amulya takes Parimala’s blessings and sits on the chair. Vedanth’s Haldi ceremony begins. Aadya and Ajji do his Aarti. Shridhar tells Suhasini to be a part of all the ceremonies happily and Suhasini tells him she knows what she’s doing. Aarti gives the haldi and Ajji puts haldi on Vedanth and he takes her blessings. Aadya takes the haldi and goes to give it to Amulya’s family. Aarti and Suhasini leave the ceremony. Vikranth, Sarthak, Dhruva, and Kanta put haldi on Vedanth.

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