Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega August 9, 2019 Written Update: Tanvesh saves the day

In the latest episode of Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, AJ manages to get the chip which has the video footage from Antara by flirting with her as Tanvesh. Later, Guddan tells AJ that she doesn’t love him anymore.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega August 9, 2019 Written Update: Tanvesh saves the dayGuddan Tumse Na Ho Payega August 9, 2019 Written Update: Tanvesh saves the day
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In today's episode, Guddan is nervously eating sugar stressing about the plan failing due to AJ's overacting. Dadi sees her and asks her to stop worrying. As Guddan hugs Dadi, Saraswati sees them and suspects that they're all trying to trick Antara and her. She decides to catch them red-handed and gather some evidence to convince Antara. Saraswati goes closer to hear their conversation but Dadi sees Saraswati's spying on them and immediately acts like she's still angry on Guddan. Dadi hints Guddan to play along because Saraswati is eavesdropping on them. Saraswati gets convinced that they still are not on good terms.


Later, Antara is admiring the diamonds Tanvesh gifted to her. Sarawati discusses with Antara how rich Tanvesh is and Antara says that she's impressed by him. Saraswati reminds her that she was about to see the footage from the hidden camera. Antara immediately plugs in the pen drive and as she is about to play the video Tanvesh enters the room singing a song. He asks Antara for some tea and tries to distract her from viewing the video. Antara asks Saraswati to get him some tea. Antara puts the laptop away. He flirts with Antara and shows his regret that she is about to be his sister-in-law. 


While flirting with her, he accidentally drops a showpiece on her feet. He asks her if she has a balm which he can apply to her feet. She tells him to look for it in the wardrobe. As Antara is distracted by the pain, AJ quickly switches the chip attached to the pen drive. Later, Guddan comes to ask AJ for the chip and gets embarrassed seeing him shirtless. AJ tries to mess with her and says that he will only give her the chip if she helps him out his shirt buttons. She reluctantly goes to button his shirt and AJ pulls her close romantically. He gives her the chip later. She tells him to not act cheap like his character Tanvesh in reality. He asks her what can he do to win her back to which she says there's nothing he can do because she doesn't love him anymore.


Later, Akshat comes home and Antara informs him about Tanvesh. Dadi advises Antara to stay away from Tanvesh as he's flirtatious. As Akshat leaves to freshen up Antara notices that he's wearing the same shoes as Tanvesh and gets suspicious. Akshat goes to his room and mindlessly removes his shoes and places them on the shoe rack. Antara enters the room and sees that Akshat's shoes are exactly like Tanvesh's. Saraswati approaches Antara and asks her why she looks worried. Antara tells her about the shoes. Antara decides to go to the hotel Tanvesh is staying in and ask him about this. Guddan overhears their conversation and gets worried about Antara finding out the truth.

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