Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 11, 2019 Written Update: Parv kidnaps Alisha and Krishi

Today in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Parv carries out his evil plan with the help of Nandini and trades Alisha and Krishi to a Sheikh. Guddan and Asmita go on a mission to save their daughters.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 11, 2019 Written Update: Parv kidnaps Alisha and KrishiGuddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 11, 2019 Written Update: Parv kidnaps Alisha and Krishi
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In today’s episode, Guddan asks Akshat to bless her so that she wins the Mamta Divas competition and proves her love for her daughter. Akshat tells her that the real proof of her love would've been when she would've supported Alisha when she needed her the most. He tells her that he's only letting her participate to maintain the reputation of their family. Guddan feels upset at how harshly Akshat talked to her. She gets determined to prove to everyone by winning. Later, Asmita meets Guddan's family and tells them how important it is for them to win the competition. She introduces herself and her daughter Krishi. Guddan also introduces Alisha to Asmita. Krishi challenges Guddan and Alisha, and asks themselves to brace themselves as they're going to give them tough come. Meanwhile, Nandini meets Parv who is in a disguise. He tells her that he will make today explosive for Guddan. Nandini tells Parv the plan she has in mind which Guddan and Asmita won't be able to escape. Soon Parv gets a call from his boss and assures her that he will do exactly as she has said. Turns out, the person giving directions to Parv was none other than Durga. She tells him to not let Guddan win at any cost. Durga gets determined to not let Alisha face injustice.


Later, the competition begins and the announcer asks Mr. Sodhi to call upon Akshat's mother to light the lamp and inaugurate the competition. As Guddan and Alisha get up to prep for the first round, Akshat wishes Guddan good luck. Guddan feels happy and promises to win. Akshat's mother tells him that no matter how much he fights with Guddan, he can't change the fact that he can't live without her. Soon, Krishi and Asmita give their performance. Later, Guddan and Alisha perform too. Nandini tells Parv that it's the perfect time to take Krishi away from Asmita and Shaan's life forever. She tells him that the next round is a solo dance by the mothers so Asmita would be busy dressing up and Krishi would be alone backstage. Parv goes backstage and kidnaps Krishi. Later, Asmita asks Guddan if she has seen Krishi anywhere. Guddan sees Asmita worried and accompanies her to search Krishi. Parv and Nandini bring Krishi into an abandoned godown. They decide to kidnap Alisha next. Nandini wants to win the competition and prove that Guddan and Asmita are careless mothers. 


Later, Durga tries to find Parv but instead overhears Alisha talking to Revati. Alisha tells Revati that she doesn't know where Parv is and asks her to stop wasting her time as she has to make Guddan lose the competition. Revati tells her that she can at least cooperate with them as they are helping her too. Alisha gets frustrated and tells her that she did everything on her from framing Vikrant to creating a rift between Akshat and Guddan. Durga hears Alisha confess this and gets shocked. She confronts Alisha and Alisha tells her to reveal everything to Akshat if she wants to as he won't believe her anyway. Durga asks her how could she put such a disgusting accusations on Vikrant. Alisha tells her that Guddan killing her mother was disgusting. She asks Durga to be a silent spectator and let her seek revenge. Durga gets worried as Guddan turned out to be right. She realizes that she needs to do something to stop Parv from making Guddan lose the competition. Meanwhile, Guddan and Asmita inform Akshat that Krishi is missing. Shaan panics as he hears this. Akshat tells them that they need to find Krishi and not waste time in arguing. Asmita tells everyone that Nandini is the only person who doesn't wish for her and Krishi's wellbeing. But Nandini's daughter refuses to believe them and tells them that her mother won't ever harm Krishi. 


Asmita and Shaan decide to look for Nandini backstage. Akshat asks Guddan where Alisha is. She tells him that she saw her backstage when she went to get dressed. Lakshmi tells Akshat that Alisha informed her that she's going outside to talk on the phone. Akshay calls Alisha and then rushes outside angrily. Parv kidnaps Alisha too and repeatedly calls his friend. Nandini asks Parv where his friend is as both the families must've realised that Alisha and Krishi are missing. Finally as Parv's friend picks up the call, he tells him to take Alisha and Krishi away soon. Akshat and Lakshmi try to find Alisha. Lakshmi meets Durga and tells her that Alisha and Krishi are missing. Durga suspects that Parv must've kidnapped them to make Guddan lose. Guddan and Asmita find Krishics earring. She tells Asmita that she feels someone has kidnapped Krishi. Asmita doesn't believe her and Guddan demonstrates to her by trying to choke Asmita. Asmita earring falls and breaks. Guddan shows her that Krishi's earring has also broken the same way. They both wonder who would've kidnapped their daughters and why. Meanwhile, Nandini asks Parv if he's doing all of this only for money. He tells her that she doesn't have to worry about money because she's rich but his getup and other efforts aren't for free. He tells her that kidnapping was his idea as he wants to extract money from the Jindal family. He also tells her that he already has made Durga his scapegoat as everyone will find out about the kidnapping eventually. 


Soon, Parv's friend arrives. He's an Arab man who came along with his men. Parv demands 4 crores from him in exchange for the girls. The man agrees to give him 5 crores as he gets pleased with Parv. Nandini suggests them to not leave with the girls all at once as people might be looking out for them. Later, Nandini tells Parv that she feels like something is going to go wrong. He assures her that he has done everything in Durga's name and has also left behind evidence that leads to Durga in case they get caught. Ultimately, she will be framed for the crime. Akshat calls the police to look for Alisha and Krishi. Meanwhile, Nandini distracts Shaan and Asmita as the men put Krishi in their van. As Parv and his men take Alisha in a movable clothes rack, Guddan and Akshat pass by them. Guddan recognizes Alisha's perfume and tells Akshat that Alisha might be somewhere near. Parv distracts Guddan by cutting someone's fuel pipe. Guddan gets confused because the smell of petrol dissolves Alisha's perfumes scent. Nandini calls Parv and tells him that there's a police blockade ahead. Parv calls Guddan and threatens to kill Alisha if they don't ask the police go remove the blockade. Akshat lies to the police and tells them that Alisha and Krishi are safe. He requests them to stop their investigation. 


Later, Akshat informs Shaan and Asmita about the kidnappers demands. Guddan and Asmita agree to meet the kidnapper alone and insist Akshat and Shaan not to accompany them. They get emotional as there comes an announcement about the final round. Akshat and Shaan tell that they will participate and win the competition. They promise them to delay the last round until they come back with their daughters. Nandini asks Parv why did he ask Akshat to send 6 crores for the girls through their mothers when he already sold them to the Sheikh. Parv tells her that it was just to keep them and the police distracted. He tells Nandini that he will test Guddan and Asmita's motherhood today. Nandini leaves and wishes him good luck. Soon, Guddan and Asmita arrive in the godown. They see Alisha and Krishi, and go to untie them. Parv sends his goons and they surround Guddan and Asmita. They hold them at gunpoint and take their money. They tell them that they won't get the girls back as they've already been sold to the Sheikh. As Guddan and Asmita resist, the goons decide to tie them too. Meanwhile, Shaan and Akshat keep the audience engaged by performing a dance as their representation of love for their children. As the goons pick up Alisha and Krishi to take them away, someone throws marbles under their feet and they all fall. Kajal arrives there and saves Krishi as she was about to fall on the ground. She introduces herself and her partner Rochak to Guddan and Asmita while the goons struggle to get up. Parv decides to do something to stop Rochak and Kajal. He puts a mask on his face and holds them at gunpoint. All of them get worried again. 

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