Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 5, 2019 Written Update: Alisha decides to seek revenge

Today in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Revati sends the video of Antara burning and dying to Alisha to fill her with vengeance.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 5, 2019 Written Update: Alisha decides to seek revenge Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 5, 2019 Written Update: Alisha decides to seek revenge
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In today’s episode, Akshat introduced Guddan to Vikrant. Vikrant falls at her feet dramatically and asks her to accept him. Akshat tells her to tell Vikrant that she accepts him or else he might stay at her feet all day. They all have a good laugh and Akshat's mother asks Vikrant where he had been all these years. He tells everyone that his wife died. He gets a little emotional but then diverts the conversation and sits on the chair. He asks the rest of the family to come and seek his blessings. Akshat's mother asks him if he has come to Indore for a business deal. He tells her that this time he has come to close a marriage deal instead. He tells her that he has come to meet a girl he met online. Akshat's mother assures him that if that doesn't work out she's here to find a bride for him. Later, Vikrant asks Akshat if he knew that he was going to visit them as he has decorated the entire house. Akshat tells him that it's his daughter's birthday. Vikrant gets surprised to hear that Akshat has daughter. Akshat spares him all the details and says that he should freshen up and rest as they can sit peacefully and talk later. 


Later, Kulbhushan and other guests arrive for the party. Guddan and Akshat get dressed and come downstairs. Soon, Alisha arrives in a beautiful dress and everyone gathers to wish her. Vikrant asks why has everyone gathered in one spot as he doesn't see Alisha. Akshat introduces Vikrant to Alisha and he extends his hand to wish her. But Alisha doesn’t shake hands with him. Vikrant chuckles and says that he now sure that Alisha is Akshat’s daughter as she’s full of anger like him. Guddan asks Alisha to come and cut the cake. Alisha tells them that she only arrived there in the dress because they insisted her but she won’t cut the cake. As she walks away, the whole family sings a song for Alisha to persuade her. After a while she gets angry and shouts at everyone to stop their drama. She proceeds to walk upstairs. Guddan plays a song that says that they will utter their child’s name before uttering god’s name. But Alisha turns around and walks. Guddan and Akshat get utterly disappointed. But suddenly, she turns around and sings the rest of the song and say that she will utter her parents name before god too. She goes and hugs Akshat and Guddan.


Guddan tells Alisha that Akshat has made a special cake for her. Before Alisha proceeds to cut the cake, Revati messages Alisha the video of Antara’s death. Antara sees Guddan burning the Ravan effigy along with whom Antara had burnt and died too. Alisha picks up the knife to cut the cake but instead stabs Guddan. Everyone gets terrified. But turns out Alisha was just imagining this. In reality, she cuts the cake and feeds it to everyone happily. Revati, Parv and Saraswati get confused as they see Alisha behaving normally with everyone . Alisha seeks the blessings of Guddan and Akshat, and apologises to them for behaving so badly with everyone. She tells them that she wants to stay happily with the family in this house.


Later, Alisha goes to her room and sees the video of Antara’s death again. She begins to destroy everything in the room in anger. She takes scissors and begins to cut her own clothes. Revati, Parv and Saraswati arrive in her room and see her destroying her phone with the scissors. As Revati tries to stop Alisha, she grabs Revati by her neck and puts the scissors on her neck. She threatens to kill her before she kills Guddan. Saraswati and Parv try to make her understand that they just told her the truth but she instead of seeking revenge and reacting, went ahead and sort the blessings of Guddan. Alisha tells them that to destroy Guddan completely, she needs to get in her good books first because betrayal from a loved one hurts twice as much. Meanwhile, Akshat and Guddan rejoice at how everything went smoothly at the party. Akshat thanks Guddan for everything she did. He picks her and swirls her around in joy. Guddan asks Akshat when should they tell Alisha the truth about Antara’s death. He tells her that they should wait for a while. Guddan gets worried as she feels like someone else might reveal the truth to Alisha and she might feel hurt. Akshat assures her that it will be fine. Alisha overhears them and thinks to herself how she will destroy their lives soon and seek revenge for her mother’s death. 

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