Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 7, 2019 Written Update: Guddan fights for Vikrant

Today in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan stands in support of Vikrant while the entire family sympathises with Alisha.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 7, 2019 Written Update: Guddan fights for VikrantGuddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 7, 2019 Written Update: Guddan fights for Vikrant
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In today’s episode, Akshat lashes out at Guddan as he sees that she has bailed Vikrant. Akshat and everyone else tell Guddan that she’s supporting a criminal. Guddan tells everyone that Vikrant is innocent. Akshat gets even more enraged as Guddan implies that Alisha lied about Vikrant assaulting her. Guddan says that she will stand in support of the truth and not let Vikrant suffer because he’s innocent. Akshat tells her that he will stand by Alisha no matter what even if he has to go against Guddan. Everyone refuses to support Guddan and tell her that she’s making a mistake. Alisha, Parv and others enjoy the drama. Akshat asks Guddan why is she supporting someone she met a few days ago over her daughter. Guddan tells him that she believes in supporting the truth and she won’t let Alisha take undue advantage of being a girl. She tells Akshat that she has an equal say in everything and if he thinks that she’s wrong because she’s supporting Vikrant, he can remove her from the house too. Akshat’s mother asks Guddan how can she leave her own family for a criminal. Guddan tells her that there’s a reason she has said so. Alisha yells at everyone to stop fighting. 


She beings to blame herself for the assault and says that she doesn’t deserve to live at all. Akshat and others try to convince her that she doesn’t have to blame herself. Alisha gets aggressive and cuts her vein with the knife kept on the table. Akshat wraps her wound immediately while Durga gets the first aid. He tells her that she’s not wrong, Guddan is. He assures her that he will always stand by her and protect her. As Guddan tries to approach Alisha, Akshat stops her and tells her that she has given him and his daughter enough troubles so it’s better that she should stay away from them. Guddan realises that she was so wrong in understanding Alisha’s intentions. She understands how Alisha adopted the same tricks Antara used to. She remembers the time Antara cut her vein and gained Akshat’s sympathy then tried to convince him that she’s speaking the truth.  


Later, Durga refuses to support Guddan. She tells her that she probably cannot understand Akshat’s pain because Alisha is her stepdaughter. Guddan stops her from saying anything further. Durga decides to leave but Lakshmi decides to stay with Guddan. She tells Durga that she will support Guddan because she wants to stand by the truth. Lakshmi tells Guddan that she remembers how Antara had tortured their family and after all Alisha is Antara’s daughter. Meanwhile, Akshat assures Alisha that Guddan will realise that the truth soon. Alisha gets angry at how Akshat still believes in Guddan. After Akshat leaves, Alisha decides to seek revenge from Guddan and completely destroy her relationship with the family. Later, Guddan and Akshat talk and discuss why are they always up against each other. Guddan tells Akshat that they both are believing their version of the truth but their purpose is the same which is to nourish their life. Guddan tells Akshat that Alisha is wrong and is probably trying to seek revenge for Antara’s death. She thinks that someone has already told Alisha the truth. Akshat tells Guddan that Alisha had approached her the other day and clarified with him about Antara’s death. She wanted to tell him that she wants to put Antara’s death in the past and move on as she knows that Guddan would never kill her mother. 


Guddan realises that Alisha has played a well planned out game with her by telling Akshat the truth before her. She refuses to comply with Akshat and says that she will soon prove that Vikrant is innocent. Later, Parv, Revati and Saraswati appreciate how Alisha created a rift between Akshat and Guddan. Saraswati says that she feels bad for Vikrant. Alisha threatens to cut her vein too if she feels too bad. They all stop her and remind her that the real enemy is Guddan. Later, as Guddan grills a brinjal Alisha arrives there and Guddan shows her how and uncontrollable fire can burn a perfectly good brinjal. She tells her to control her anger just like the flame for a well cooked meal. Alisha burns the brinjal and says that she won’t let her live peacefully as she let her mother Antara burn in front of everyone. She throws the brinjal at Guddan and leaves. 

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