Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update, November 8, 2019: Alisha tampers with Guddan’s evidence

Today in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, Guddan records Alisha proving Vikrant’s innocence but Alisha tampers with the video.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update, November 8, 2019: Alisha tampers with Guddan’s evidenceGuddan Tumse Na Ho Payega Written Update, November 8, 2019: Alisha tampers with Guddan’s evidence
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In today’s episode, Guddan brings some food for Vikrant as he hasn’t eaten since Alisha accused him. He tells Guddan how he is facing humiliation. He pleads her to save him from the accusation. He tells her that if this matter goes to the court his reputation will be destroyed and his life would be as good as over. Guddan sympathises with him but tells him that she cannot even let Alisha ruin her life because of her anger. She tells him that she has a plan. Next day, Vikrant brings Alisha to his room and asks her why she is framing him for her revenge. He asks her to take the case back. Alisha tells him that his life is nothing in front of her mother’s death and she will seek revenge from Guddan no matter what. After Alisha leaves, Guddan comes out from behind the curtains. She picks up the camera she kept which recorded Alisha’s confession of falsely accusing Vikrant to seek revenge from Guddan. 


Later, Akshat sees Alisha crying outside the guest room and asks her if Vikrant said something to her. As he gets enraged she tells him that she just keeps recalling what Vikrant did to her again and again. Akshat hugs her and promises to protect her. Guddan shows the video to Lakshmi. Vikrant asks her to show everyone the video too. But Guddan refuses to do this as it will make Alisha appear in the wrong light. She tells them that Alisha did all of this because of her childish nature. She decides to first talk to Alisha and ask her to confess. Vikrant tells Guddan that if she doesn’t agree then she should show the video to the family. 


Guddan goes to talk to Alisha and asks her to let go of her anger. Alisha tells her that she will find peace once she seeks her revenge. As Alisha fights with her, Guddan gives up on her and tells her that even though she doesn’t want to, she will have to reveal her truth to the family. She shows her the card with the video footage of Alisha’s confession. Guddan goes downstairs and calls everyone to watch the footage. Alisha pleads Guddan to not show the video to everyone. Akshat gets confused as to what’s in the video. As Guddan plays the video no sound comes from it. The video looks as if Vikrant is forcing Alisha to convince her to take her case back.


Alisha smirks at how she had already deleted the sound from Guddan’s video. Akshat gets enraged at Vikrant as he thinks he tried to harass Alisha again. As he goes to hit Vikrant, Guddan stops him. She tells him that Alisha has tampered with the video. Akshat asks her to stop supporting a harasser. Akshat asks Vikrant to leave the house and anybody who has sympathy for him can leave with him too. He threatens to kill Vikrant if he sees him in his house again. Vikrant feels hopeless as their last evidence turned against them. He thanks Guddan for supporting him but tells her that she doesn’t have to leave the family for him as he has already lost everything and he doesn’t want her to lose her family too. Guddan still feels determined to bring the truth out. Alisha comes and mocks Guddan for her failure to prove her wrong. Guddan says that she will solve everything. Alisha sees Akshat and begins to pretend to convince Guddan that she’s saying the truth.


Sheinstigates Akshat against Guddan and tells him that she wishes Guddan would accept her as her daughter and understand her pain. Meanwhile, as Parv and Saraswati rejoice at Alisha’s plan Revati suggests them that they should take advantage of the situation and break Akshat and Guddan’s relationship forever. Akshat asks Guddan why is she breaking Alisha’s trust. Guddan tells him that she’s merely standing with the truth. Akshat is unable to understand why Guddan is not believing Alisha. Guddan tells he is that he is overlooking Alisha’s mistakes just because she’s his daughter. Akshat tells her that he will bring Alisha the justice she deserves. Guddan tells him that he can support Alisha if he wants but she will always support the truth. Akshat feels disappointed as they have to go against each other and fight. 

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