Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 9, 2019 Written Update: Guddan’s befitting reply to the press

Today in Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega, the press bombards the Jindal family with questions about Vikrant’s assault. Guddan shuts them all up by educating them about their responsibilities.
Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 9, 2019 Written Update: Guddan’s befitting reply to the pressGuddan Tumse Na Ho Payega November 9, 2019 Written Update: Guddan’s befitting reply to the press
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In today’s episode, Vikrant packs his bag and approaches Akshat to bid him goodbye but Akshat shuns him and asks him to leave immediately. Suddenly as Vikrant walks towards the door a group of reporters swarm into the house. They begin to question Vikrant and Akshat about the harassment. The press tells them that they have all proofs against Vikrant. They ask Akshat’s stand on the issue as Guddan is in support of Vikrant. Akshat asks the press to leave as this is their family matter. Saraswati appreciates how Revati informed the press about the issue to create more drama publicly. Guddan stops Akshat and says that she will have to answer the press. 


Guddan tells the press that they cannot give judgments on their family matters when the truth hasn’t been proven yet. She tells them that their job is to report neutrally about things. She speaks harshly with the press and a journalist tells her that she cannot talk to them like that because it’s their right to report about issues. Guddan educates them and uses the press to make everyone stand up against harassment. She asks women to at least report the harassment to the police if they cannot fight the assaulter themselves. She also tells the media to not misuse their power and show people in the wrong light as it can ruin an innocent person’s life. The journalists feels ashamed and turn off their cameras. Guddan tells them that they can make this their news if they want to and asks them to leave. After the preproters leave, Alisha acts to be paranoid as she will have to face humiliation in public now. Akshat and others console Alisha that she does not have to worry as she’s not wrong.


As Vikrant turns to leave, Guddan stops him and says that it’s not feasible for him to go out in such an environment as Alisha’s reputation is at stake. Akshat reluctantly allows Vikrant to stay for some time. Later, Lakshmi tries to talk to Durga and make her understand that Guddan is right. Durga refuses to support Guddan but Lakshmi reminds her how Antara had played with everyone’s emotions too once. After she leaves, Lakshmi decides to warn Guddan as Durga might do something against her. Later as Guddan brings tea for Akshat’s mother and Akshat, he refuses to have it. Soon, Lakshmi brings an invitation and reads it out to the family. She tells them that it’s from their area’s MP Mr. Sodhi show wants Alisha and Guddan to participate in the Mamta Divas competition. Lakshmi tells everyone that Akshat had enrolled Guddan and Alisha for the competition. Akshat tells Lakshmi that he will call the MP and cancel their name as the situation in house has changed since then. But Guddan insists on participating as it will not only lighten everyone's mood in the house but also prove her love for Alisha. She persuades Alisha to participate with her. Akshat says that if Alisha doesn’t mind participating then he too has no problems with it. Meanwhile, Parv talks to an anonymous person in a cloak and assures her that he will unveil Guddan’s fake motherhood. He tells her that he has called someone especially from Kolkata for his purpose. He asks her to just sit back and enjoy the battle between him and Guddan. 

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