Haiwaan December 15, 2019 Written Update: RedX gets romantic with Amrita

Today in Haiwaan, as RedX romances with Amrita, Ansh gets jealous and attacks him. Later, Ansh approaches Amrita just as Jia had feared.
Haiwaan December 15, 2019 Written Update: RedX gets romantic with AmritaHaiwaan December 15, 2019 Written Update: RedX gets romantic with Amrita
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RedX gets close to Amrita and her mangalsutra breaks because of his watch. Amrita considers it a very bad omen and doesn’t let Redx get close to her. Meanwhile, Govind coughs and sees blood on his handkerchief he calls Chetan and Jia and asks them to get the red diary as soon as possible as he doesn’t have much time left. He tells him that it holds very important secrets. Later, Amrita bakes a cake for RedX as Randhir and she had completed a month of their anniversary. RedX had messed up the room looking for the Red Diary and had informed Govind that he had found nothing. Govind asks him to scan Randhir’s memory deeply. RedX scans it and tells him that the Red Diary was last on the shelf and after that it disappeared about which had no idea. Amrita comes with the cake and sees the mess. RedX acts like Randhir and says that the thought of RedX getting close to her makes him furious. He decides that the room will be renovated as per Amrita’s wish. He asks her why had she brought the cake and Amrita gets angry as she thinks he forgot about their anniversary. RedX goes through Randhir’s memory and realises it’s their one month anniversary. 


He hugs Amrita and sees Ansh watching them through the window. He deliberately takes Amrita to their bed and closes the curtain to make Ansh jealous. As Misha and Baby pass through the window, Misha feels like she saw Ansh there. Baby tells her that maybe she’s hallucinating. Meanwhile, Govind carries out some process and gets a scroll out of his secret chamber. He says that the Red Diary holds such a secret to a place where powers to control the world can be accessed. The scroll had a picture of a waterfall. Govind wants to be the new God of this world. RedX makes romantic arrangements in the cafe where his and Amrita’s love story began. Amrita drops Diljit off and she asks her to wait as she wants to give her and Randhir as black thread to protect them. RedX calls Amrita to ask her where she is. As he talks to her he realises that someone is outside the cafe. Ansh enters the cafe and threatens RedX. Amrita realises something's wrong and hears someone threaten Randhir (RedX).



Ansh hits RedX and throws him around. He twists his neck completely but RedX restores his normal form. He activates his scanning vision and sees Ansh’s strengths. As Ansh attacks him he throws her out of the window. They go outside and Ansh turns into Haiwaan to fight RedX. He throws RedX around injuring him a lot but RedX repairs himself every time. Finally as RedX falls unconscious on the ground, Ansh returns to his normal form and approaches him. He tells RedX that he would take Amrita away from the city. As Ansh leaves, RedX opens his eyes and uses a street light’s pole to attack Ansh. Ansh falls on the ground unconscious as electricity runs through him. Jia and Chetan take Ansh away. Amrita arrives there later and RedX tells her that the person who came was just someone who wanted directions. Amrita hugs him and it begins to rain. 


RedX uses the opportunity to spark romance between him and Amrita. They get drenched and get close to each other. Later he takes Amrita to the cafe and she begins to sneeze. He pulls off a curtain and asks Amrita to drape it and remove the wet clothes. After she dresses up and comes out, RedX and Amrita spend some romantic time together. RedX touches Amrita sensually and tries to get as close to her as possible. He kisses her neck and cheeks and Amrita she’s away as he aims for her lips. She hands him her mangalsutra but as RedX goes to put it around her neck, he drops it. Amrita takes it and wears it herself. Soon, they have the fruitcake and Amrita begins to cough severely. She asks Randhir (RedX) what cake was it and he tells her that it was the usual fruit and nut cake. She tells him that she has a severe nut allergy and is unable to breathe. RedX goes to bring the car to take Amrita home as her anti-allergy shot is at home. Meanwhile, Jia asks her bodyguards to put Ansh in a high security cabin with laser security but before they do it Ansh wakes up. He pushes them away angrily.


Jia asks her animal Haiwaan to attack Ansh but Ansh turns into Haiwaan and defeats it. He comes back to his normal form and grabs Jia by her neck. He threatens her and Jia tries to quickly administer and injection on him. Ansh stops her and warns her to not even try. He tells her that he bad time starts right now and leaves. Later, Amrita wonders how did Randhir (RedX) didn’t remember about her nut allergy. She reminisces the time when Randhir had surprised her with snow and the fruitcake. Meanwhile, Jia makes out with RedX and satisfies herself as the real Randhir would never get close to her. She tells him that she wanted to talk about Ansh. She tells him that Ansh has gotten out of their control and might approach Amrita to tell her the truth about RedX being a robotic lookalike of Randhir. RedX assures her that Amrita wouldn’t believe him. Meanwhile, Ansh approaches Amrita and forces her to get close to him. He tells her how much he missed him but Amrita uses a knife to keep him away. She tells him that she only loves Randhir. Ansh asks her what would happen if Randhir wouldn’t be alive anymore. Amrita gets scared by Ansh’s question.

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