Haiwaan December 8, 2019 Written Update: Randhir fights his lookalike robot

Today in Haiwaan, Randhir comes face to face with Redx, his lookalike robot, and tries to prove Amrita that he's the real Randhir.
Haiwaan December 8, 2019 Written Update: Randhir fights his lookalike robotHaiwaan December 8, 2019 Written Update: Randhir fights his lookalike robot
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Randhir sees Govind alive and gets shocked. He asks him if he faked his death just to get out of jail. Govind tells him that he did it for his experiment. Govind tells Randhir about the human like robot that he has made which looks exactly like Randhir. He has named the robo Randhir, Redx. He tells Randhir that even Amrita wouldn't be able to tell the difference between the robot and him. Randhir gets agitated as he realises that he had been wrongly accusing himself for all the mishaps when it was Redx who was committing the crimes. Ansh arrives there and tells Randhir that he won't be alive anymore as Redx would replace him and then Amrita would be his. Randhir gets enraged and begins to fight with Ansh. Ansh hits the teleporter as he tries to take Randhir away. Ansh grabs Randhir by his neck and holds him against a wall. Randhir uses a nearby rod to hit Ansh and the fight gets intense. Randhir throws water at Ansh to distract him and he turns into Haiwaan. Randhir decided to run away while Ansh is distracted as he won't be able to fight him. 


Meanwhile, Baby tries to find the CCTV footage to see who killed the witness. Ansh chases Randhir and they run through the jungle. Some men see them and follow them with guns. Baby finds the footage and sees two Randhir's. He realises that he should tell this to Amrita as they were wrongly doubting Randhir. The Robo Randhir Redx comes there and sees Baby. He tells him that they should delete unnecessary footage from the laptop. Govind sends another Haiwaan to catch Randhir. Amrita arrives in the lab with police and asks them to keep a watch on the lab 24x7. She asks them to take Jia and Chetan some place safe. Redx approaches Amrita and she points the gun at him. He acts innocent and shows her the CCTV footage. He convinces her that his lookalike is causing all the trouble. They both decide to catch the person if he wants to prove himself innocent. Amrita apologises to Randhir for accusing him. Redx had trapped Baby in a bottle. Baby struggles to call out to Amrita to tell her that the person she is with, is not the real Randhir. 


Randhir rubs wet soil on himself so that Ansh won't be able to trace him through his body odour. Govind traps the teleporter in an incubator. Jia and Chetan arrive there. Govind tells them about Randhir's lookalike. The men that were following Randhir and Ansh finally surround Randhir to take him away. As they shoot, Randhir hits the person's arm and his laser hits a beehive. Govind tells Jia and Chetan about his experiment and says that he had to hide it from them. He tells them that they need to keep Randhir away from Amrita anyhow. Meanwhile, Redx remembers that he has to charge himself through solar power everyday and stands on the balcony to get some sunlight. Amrita comes there and tells him that she will not spare the person who is his lookalike. Redx asks her to calm down and talks about planning her birthday party. Randhir reaches his house but overhears his guards talking about his lookalike. They think that Redx, who is inside the house is the real Randhir. Randhir sees Dinkar and calls him aside and asks him to lend his clothes as he needs to get inside the house. Dinkar asks him why he should believe that he's the real Randhir. Randhir reminds him of how he used to mix water in his dad's whiskey when he was young. Dinkar realises he's the real Randhir and lends him his clothes.


Randhir sees Redx hugging Amrita and calls her in Diljit's voice. She comes alone and Randhir takes her aside by holding her mouth. Ansh fights with Redx as he was getting close to Amrita. Redx hits him and makes him realise that he's getting jealous of a robot. Ansh understands and asks him to take care of Amrita. Later as Randhir tries to convince Amrita that he's the real Randhir, Redx comes and punches him. Randhir tells Amrita that Govind has created Redx. Redx calls the guards and convinces Amrita that Randhir is not real. Randhir runs away to get to Amrita. Naintara, her husband and Misha see two Randhir's and get confused. Redx punches Randhir again. Amrita stops them and asks them to prove who's real by answering her questions. Both of them answer equally as Redx could access Randhir's memory. Later, Redx pretends like Randhir cut his palm and everyone sees blood on his hand. Randhir runs away as Amrita gets convinced that Redx is not a robot because of the blood. Dinkar helps Randhir and takes him in his car to save him from Ansh and the guards. Later, Amrita asks Redx about another memory but he corrects her and asks her if she's still doubting her. Amrita feels embarrassed as Redx knew about the memory. Redx asks her to write "I Love You" on his bandage. Amrita writes it reluctantly. Then Redx asks her to slow dance with him as their favorite song plays. Amrita dances with him but feels a little uncomfortable. He tries to get closer but Amrita refuses and leaves.


Randhir gets worried about Amrita. Dinkar consoles him and says that angels will take care of them. The teleporter requests Ansh to let him go. Amrita asks Misha where Baby is. Both of them get worried for Baby. Soon, Randhir calls Misha and asks her to hand over the phone to Amrita. He asks Amrita to meet him at the cafe so that he can explain her the truth and she agrees to come with her team. Govind had tapped Misha's phone. Ansh and everyone else overhear their conversation. Later, Misha finds Baby and saves his life. She tells him her plan to find out the real Randhir. Jia, Chetan and Ansh wait outside the cafe for Amrita and Randhir. They see an ad shoot going on there. Ansh sees Amrita and stands very close to her but he disappears as soon as she feels like someone is near her. Amrita tells her team to stay vigilant and not fire until she asks them to. As the team disperses, Jia masks her face and meets Aditi. She shows her the video of her husband in the Haiwaan's captive and asks her to shoot Randhir at sight if she wants to save him. Meanwhile, Chetan tells Ansh that he has learnt from him to never fall in love again. Ansh gets furious and asks him to shut up. Randhir watches them from afar and decides to do something to save Amrita.

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