Haiwaan November 30, 2019 Written Update: Jia finds evidence to blackmail Randhir

Today in Haiwaan, Jia finds the CCTV footage of Randhir attacking Dharampal and uses it to get to Ansh and create rifts between Randhir and Amrita.
Haiwaan November 30, 2019 Written Update: Jia finds evidence to blackmail RandhirHaiwaan November 30, 2019 Written Update: Jia finds evidence to blackmail Randhir
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In today's episode, Jia checks the CCTV footage in the lab and sees that Randhir had attacked Dharampal. She downloads the footage and deletes the original from the computer. Amrita asks Randhir about Jia and he assures her that he will not let jia stay in the house for long. Jia tells Chetan that Randhir attacked Dharampal which means that the serum of evilness has affected him. Randhir keeps the secret of him being affected by the serum and consoles Amrita that everything will be fine soon. Amrita rushes to the hospital as she gets a call about Dharampal being unstable. She asks Randhir to stay at home so that Jia doesn't do anything. Later, Randhir finds Baby in the lab shrunken to the size of a miniature. Baby tells him that someone attacked him and shrunk him. Randhir makes him understand that it's possible to shrink humans. He also deduces that the person who attacked him probably didn't want them to find out about who attacked Dharampal which means that he isn't the attacker. Baby suspects Jia or Ansh to be the attacker. As Randhir proceeds to leave, he notices footprints that only his customised shoes produce. Baby tells him that maybe the serum is making him do evil things. Randhir refuses to accept it and goes to interrogate Ansh.


As Randhir asks Ansh what is Jia's plan, Ansh begins to instigate him. Randhir gives Ansh electric shocks so that he reveals what Jia's plan is but after a while Ansh falls on the ground. Randhir gets worried and thinks he went too far with the interrogation. He goes to check up on Ansh and deactivates the laser security. But Ansh fools him and grabs him by the neck. As he tries to harm Randhir, Baby attacks Ansh. Ansh gets distracted but he comes out of the room using Randhir as a shield. Baby pesters Ansh and Randhir uses the opportunity to get Ansh under control. Meanwhile, the police inspector tells Amrita that a house member has attacked Dharampal as there were no signs of forced entry. Jia tells Chetan that they should try to track Ansh before showing the video to Randhir and blackmail him. Randhir tells Baby that he doesn't think Ansh knows anything about the attack. Later, Amrita comes in her uniform to search the entire house for evidence. Meanwhile, a masked person hides clothes and a knife in Nayantara's bedroom. Later, they find the the blood-stained clothes and knife in Nayantara's room. Nayantara tries to defend herself and she sees someone hiding behind the curtain. As she rushes to catch the person, he flees and leaves behind his watch. She shows it to Amrita and says that it is Randhir's watch. Amrita doesn't listen to her and arrests her. Randhir arrives there later as Amrita takes Nayantara away. He feels relieved to know that he didn't attack Dharampal. But Jia tells Misha that she thinks Randhir is the attacker as it doesn't take long to frame someone by keeping evidence in their room. 


Randhir wonders how is Jia accusing him so confidently. Baby tells him that she probably wants to create a rift between him and Amrita. As amrita interrogates Nayantara, she gets a call that Dharampal has regained consciousness. Later, the masked man tries to suffocate Dharampal in the hospital so that he wouldn't be able to tell Amrita about the attacker. He also kills a wardboy who tries to take off his mask and stop him. Amrita arrives there and as she fights him, he pushes her and runs. She chases him but loses sight of him. She enters a dark room and asks the man to come in front of her. Suddenly the lights turn on and she sees Randhir there. Randhir tells her that he came to the room to pay the hospital bills but the lights were off, so he went to turn them on. She tells Randhir that someone attacked Dharampal again and the person also killed a wardboy. Randhir tells Amrita that they should first make sure if Dharampal is alright. Meanwhile, Jia shows the CCTV footage to Misha and she gets shocked. Later, Amrita asks Aditi to put security on every entry and exit of the hospital. Jia tells Misha to help her find Ansh in exchange of the footage that will help to get her mother Nayantara out of jail. Misha refuses as she doesn't trust Jia. As Randhir goes to talk to Dharampal, as soon as Dharampal sees him he begins to panic. Dharampal promises Randhir to not tell anyone about what he did but he pleads him to not harm him. Randhir doesn't understand what eha trying to say and Dharampal tells him again that he was the one who attacked him. Randhir gets speechless as he hears this. Later, Dharampal goes into a coma due to the panic and fear of Randhir. 


Meanwhile, Baby sees Jia threatening Misha using her Haiwaan so that she yields and takes her to  Ansh. He decides to call Randhir. Misha takes Jia to the place where Randhir had kept Ansh. Jia deactivates all the laser security and they all approach Ansh. But they get tricked as Randhir had made a 3D projection of Ansh. Later, Randhir arrives there and tells them that he was smart enough to take Ansh to another place. Jia threatens Randhir and tells him that she needs to show the attackers video to Amrita. After Jia leaves, Misha tells Randhir that Misha has a video footage of him attacking Dharampal. Randhir quickly reaches the hospital as the evilness in him begins to take over. He makes sure that Amrita is okay and feels like Jia would never be able to create problems between them. Later as he spends time with Amrita, the Haiwaan within him begins to come out. He coughs and makes up an excuse to leave from there. Jia arrives in the hospital with a bodyguard to show Amrita the CCTV footage. But the masked man arrives there and hits Jia's bodyguard. He takes Jia to a dark room and hits her too. He takes her phone from her bag. Later, Jia wakes up and sees Amrita. She approaches her and Randhir arrives there too. She tells her that she was coming to her to show her a video but Randhir stopped her. 

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