Imlie, 28 October 2021, Written Update: Imlie counters Anu’s plans

Published on Oct 28, 2021 04:37 PM IST  |  182.6K
Imlie, 28 October 2021, Written Update: Imlie counters Anu’s plans
Imlie, 28 October 2021, Written Update: Imlie counters Anu’s plans

As the episode starts, Dev arrives at Tripathis along with Anu and Meethi. Tripathis give them a warm welcome for them. Imlie comes running to meet her mother. Aparna asks Imlie to iron the clothes for the Garba night. Malini is frustrated at the happiness and excitement of Imlie and her mother and Anu assures her, she will ruin it.

Anu shows Malini the rat she brought with her and plans to use it to ruin the clothes Imlie is supposed to take care of. Imlie comes back with an iron box to see that clothes have been ruined by the rat. Just as she puts the rat away, she hears screams from the hall. More rats cause mayhem at the hall and the family starts running around. Harish tries to calm everyone down and he himself gets scared as a rat sits on his shoulders. Anu tries to hit a rat with a magazine and Imlie stops her. Imlie find a way to gather the mouses and gets rid of them. Meanwhile Radha informs the family about the ruined Garba dresses.

The family is upset as to how they will surprise Imlie and conduct their Garba night and Imlie comes up with a plan to fix them. She manages to fix all the ruined clothes and the family is amazed as they see her work. The family is all dressed up for the Garba night and Imlie is still busy fixing her dress. Aditya helps her in fixing her dress and she stares at him with adoration. Aditya and Imlie share a romantic moment as Aditya puts the dupatta over Imlie’s head. Aditya was almost about to kiss Imlie and she gets called by his mother. As the episode ends, Aditya looks pleased as Imlie thanks him for his help.

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2 months ago
Now the serial should come to an end.getting bored of seeing super power of Imlie,dumb family,brilliant soft hearted malini turned to be villain.Very disgusting