Imlie, September 13, 2021, Written Update; Malini reveals how she tricked Aditya

Published on Sep 13, 2021 08:04 PM IST  |  76.3K
Imlie, September 13, 2021, Written Update; Malini reveals how she tricked Aditya

As the episode starts, Imlie is in tears as she goes through what all had happened. Dulari Devi advises her to forget everything, Meethi interrupts to say that her daughter shouldn’t be having the same fate as her mother who let her love go. Meethi tells her that she has been fighting for Aditya for so long now and asks her to fight for herself from now on.

Malini tells Anu that Imlie will have no option but to leave and Anu appreciates her. Malini reveals how she used Imlie’s saree to trick Aditya last night. Anu snatches the saree from her hand and asks why she’s been carrying it around. Aparna comes into their room and asks them for their forgiveness. Anu lashes out at her and tells her that Aditya will have to accept Malini as his wife or she will go to any extent for her daughter.

Aparna and Radha take out their ornaments and tell Pankaj how they plan to give them to Imlie so that she will leave. Pankaj tries to defend Imlie and Aparna asks him to think of Malini and their family’s pride. Anu drops the saree down and as she is about to pick it up, Dulari Devi catches her and asks her what she is hiding.

Aditya has a dream of his family condemning him and Imlie leaving him. He wakes up to hear Rupali and Nishant knocking on his door and he rushes to meet Imlie. He asks Imlie if she could forgive him. As the episode ends, Imlie tells Adithya that her trust has been broken and she just needs to change her habit now.

We have watched this episode on the channel’s OTT platform.

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Anonymous : There is being too much evilness of malini..pls expose her evilness as soon as possible..nd meet imlie and Aditya..otherwise the serial shows no meaning of true love
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