Imlie, September 16, 2021, Written Update: Kunal pledges his support to Imlie


As the episode starts, Aparna blames Imlie for filing the case against Malini and asks what if Aditya has to suffer from it too. Aditya takes Imlie away from everyone and tells her she will have to withdraw the case and he asks her to remember what Malini did for her in the past to keep her at home and tries to explain the seriousness of the case. Imlie tells him that she won’t be withdrawing the case and Malini will be punished.

Malini’s lawyer gets her bail and he tells her and her family that the case isn’t strong and it won’t get through in court. Dev demands to know the truth of what happened.

Malini returns to Tripathi Nivas and Aparna consoles her. Anu warns Aparna that if Imlie doesn’t let Malini go, she will go after Aditya from now and destroy the reputation of the family. Harish tells Anu that the family doesn’t wish to go ahead with the case and Aditya even tried to talk Imlie out of it. Anu tells that she better withdraw her case, and asks her if she will even find a lawyer to fight the case. At the moment, Kunal announces his arrival and tells everyone that he will fight Imlie’s case.

Kunal asks for the family's help in understanding what happened that night and Harish tells him that they won’t help him. Later Malini fears whether she will be found guilty if the case goes forward. As the episode ends, Malini asks Imlie if Kunal will really fight against Malini as he loved her.

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