Imlie, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Tripathi's summoned by Court

Published on Sep 17, 2021 05:32 PM IST  |  81.7K
Imlie, September 17, 2021, Written Update: Tripathi's summoned by Court

As the episode begins Malini comes into Kunal’s office and tries to convince him to step down from the case but Kunal makes it clear to her that he won’t be backing down from the case unless his client asks him to.

Harish calls out Imlie and informs her that the court has summoned the entire family. Aparna makes it clear that she isn’t interested in going to the court and Harish tries to explain to her the consequences if they don’t. Aditya tells Imlie how Malini has stood by his side all along and condemns her fate. He blames himself for what happened and asks Imlie who she is fighting for.

Malini asks her father if he will talk to Imlie and asks her to Withdraw the case. Dev asks her why she is scared if she hasn’t done anything wrong. Malini tells him that she isn't fearing for herself but for Aditya and Tripathi's. Anu tells Malini and Dev that there is no need to talk to Imlie, the case will be dismissed as the Tripathi’s won’t make it to the court.

As the Tripathi’s are about to leave the house, a mob is gathered in front of the house and tries to stop them from going to the court. Imlie manages to talk some sense into the people gathered and with the help of Dulari, she manages to disperse them.

As the court is about to dismiss the case because of the absence of the victim and the witnesses, Imlie bursts into the court and pleads to the judge that they are given the opportunity for the trial.

The court commences its proceedings and Harish is summoned first as the witness. As the episode ends, Aditya is summoned by the judge to hear his part.

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