Ishq Mein Marjawan April 10, 2019 Written Update: Auction of Royal Sword interests Deep, Aarohi, Netra & Tara

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Tara, Netra and Aarohi along with Deep receives an invitation to the auction of a royal sword where they all wished to execute their individual plans.
Ishq Mein Marjawan April 10, 2019 Written Update: Auction of the Royal Sword interests Deep, Aarohi, Netra and TaraIshq Mein Marjawan April 10, 2019 Written Update: Auction of the Royal Sword interests Deep, Aarohi, Netra and Tara
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In previous episode we see how Deep steals the box of diamonds from under Netra’s nose while someone steals it from Deep. Later, Deep, Tara and Netra waited for 10th April to execute their individual plans. Deep tells Shera that he wanted to find the person who had stolen the diamonds from him. Shera had noted the number of the bike on which someone had stolen the diamonds and tells his person to look for the owner. The person who stole the diamonds, well aware of how Deep’s mind functions, change the number plate of the bike and moved ahead. In the meantime, Tara gets furious to see her room in a bad shape and seeing Deep there, she asks him why he had scanned her room. Deep blamed Tara for stealing diamonds from him when Tara gets anxious to know that the diamonds were stolen. Deep manipulates Tara and tells her to wear a dress that he had given to her to wear for a dinner date. Deep tells Tara how he wanted to spend some time with her and gives her a dress which would expose her back. Deep had hit the person who stole the diamonds with a knife and wanted to check whether or not Tara had a wound on her back.

Tara wears the dress and comes out while Deep looked for the scar. He found a scar on Tara’s back and asks him how did she hurt her back. Tara tells Deep to ask his mother as she knew where she was. Later, Aarohi holds Netra’s hand while hiding in his cupboard. Aarohi and Netra gets involved in an argument about who will stay in Deep’s life. Just while they were conversing, Deep enters the room and tries to know whether or not Netra believed on her. Netra tells Deep how she was in love with him. Deep asks Netra where she was an hour ago to which Netra tells him that she had gone to her home for some work. While Deep was hugging Netra, he finds a scar on Netra’s back and wondered whether or not Netra stole the diamonds from him. He asked Netra how did she hurt her back when Netra lied to Deep saying that Aarohi had pushed her and that is how she got hurt. Deep offered to apply medicine on Netra’s back and thinks to himself that it was Aarohi who had stolen the diamonds. Just when Deep was applying medicine on Netra’s back he gets a call from Shera who gives him an invitation for the auction of a royal sword.

Deep tells Shera how he waited for this day and he wanted to get the sword as it has some mysteries hidden with it. Here, Netra gets the invitation and tells someone that she was ready for the auction. Tara also receives a similar invitation and avenged to destroy Deep at the auction. Meanwhile, the person who was helping Aarohi gives her an invitation to the auction and she swears to put an end to Deep’s crimes. Later, Deep comes to Aarohi and finds a similar wound on her back. He asks Aarohi how did she get hurt on her back which makes Aarohi wonders why was he taking so much interest in her wound. Aarohi tells Deep that she did not have any diamonds and that even if she had the diamonds, she wouldn’t have given it to him.


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