Ishq Mein Marjawan April 15, 2019 Written Update: Deep tricks Aarohi, Netra and Tara

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Tara, Netra and Aarohi avenged their revenge from Deep and wanted to acquire the sword to defeat him in his plan. Later, Aarohi, Netra and Tara join hands against Deep to get the sword from him.
Ishq Mein Marjawan April 15, 2019 Written Update: Deep tricks Aarohi, Netra and TaraIshq Mein Marjawan April 15, 2019 Written Update: Deep tricks Aarohi, Netra and Tara
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In the previous episode we see how Deep managed to steal the Royal Sword from the auction. Later, Deep tries to bring Aarohi back to consciousness as she becomes victimised by the high voltage current of the sword. Deep looks after Aarohi which doesn’t go well with Tara and Netra who was seeing Deep’s care for her. Aarohi regains consciousness and asks Deep why did he save her life. Deep answers her question with another question. Deep asks Aarohi why did she save him from dying and put her life in danger for him. While conversing, Aarohi and Deep remembered their forgotten love for each other. Seeing Aarohi and Deep close, Netra leaves the house and meets John, the man who was with Netra.

She tells John that they had to get back to work and try and acquire the sword from Deep. Later, Netra comes to the room on whom Deep pulls a gun and asks her where she was. Netra learned that Deep was joking with her and asks Deep about the reason why he had let Aarohi go unhurt. Deep manipulates Netra and tells her that he loved her while hated Aarohi. Later, Netra fits a microchip in Deep’s glasses to keep an eye on him. On the other hand, Tara comes to Aarohi to speak to her about Deep. Tara tells Aarohi about how Deep was responsible for her parent’s murder and that she had lost her brother too in the act. Tara tells Aarohi that Deep had trapped Netra too in his plan and that Netra too avenged Deep’s murder.

Tara suggests that Aarohi go back from there to live a peaceful life as there was one life which was at stake in the dangerous game they got themselves involved in. Later, Netra learns that Deep had hidden the sword in his factory and calls John to come to the factory while she also left for the factory. Tara sees Netra leave in haste and follows her till the factory. In the factory, Aarohi, Tara and Aarohi gang up together to look for the sword. They find a coffin and gets shocked to find the sword so easily. Aarohi tells Netra and Tara that the sword was fake, as there was a symbol and a code on the real sword. Here, Deep tells Shera that just like he was successful in getting the sword, he will soon get his diamonds back too. 

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