Ishq Mein Marjawan April 16, 2019 Written Update: Deep gets hit by a car

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Netra tries her luck to get the sword from Deep but fails. Later, Deep gets hit by a car and Aarohi wondered who would want to kill Deep.
Ishq Mein Marjawan April 16, 2019 Written Update: Deep gets hit by a carIshq Mein Marjawan April 16, 2019 Written Update: Deep gets hit by a car
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In the previous episode we see how Tara, Netra and Aarohi avenged their revenge from Deep and wanted to acquire the sword to defeat him in his plan. Later, Aarohi, Netra and Tara join hands against Deep to get the sword from him. Netra reveals that the diamonds were with her which got stolen. Aarohi tells Tara and Netra that the diamonds had been stolen by none other but Deep. They make a trio in order to stand strong against Deep and take their revenge. While Tara thinks to self that she can use Aarohi and Netra to execute her individual plan, Netra plans to use them so that she could take revenge from Deep. Aarohi on the other hand, thinks that by making friends with Tara and Netra, she could easily keep an eye on them.

Later, Netra tells Aarohi that Deep wanted to be the most powerful and richest person alive and wanted to put the blame on any one of them and fly away safe. She also tells Aarohi and Tara that her person is continuously keeping an eye on Deep and they shall soon get to know where the sword was. In the meantime, she gets a call from her person and tells Aarohi and Tara that Deep has hidden the sword in his office. Aarohi tells Netra that she had to go to Deep’s office to replace the real sword with the fake one and that she had to be extremely careful as her mistake would cost them their failure. Netra leaves and Tara tells Aarohi that Netra was not the person whom they can trust as she had hidden the truth of having the diamonds from her. Aarohi explains Tara that they had no choice but to trust each other at this moment if they wanted to defeat Deep in his game. Here, Deep calls someone and tells him that he shall send the sword to him by evening.

A stranger sees Aarohi, Netra and Tara join hands with each other through a CCTV fitted in the factory and tells his man to keep an eye on all four of them; Tara, Netra, Aarohi and Deep. Deep tells Sanjay to get his food however Netra gets food for Deep. She tells Deep that she had made food for him and that she wanted to feed him. Deep doubts on Netra and tells her how he wanted to first spend time with his wife and romance her after which they can eat the food. While romancing Netra, he cunningly makes her inhale the chloroform and gets her unconscious. Making Netra sleep on the chair, Deep leaves with the sword and tells Shera to take out the car. Here, Tara gets impatient to not hear from Netra while Aarohi calls Netra to see where she was. Netra regains consciousness when Aarohi calls and tells her that Deep had tricked her and left with the sword. Netra tells Aarohi that Deep wanted to sell the sword in the evening and that before he leaves the house, they had to kidnap him.

Aarohi tells Netra to return so that they could decide what they wanted to do next. Later, Aarohi tells everyone that just when Deep will leave the house, their people will kidnap Deep while they will acquire the sword from him. Vasundhara tells Deep about having a bad omen and suggests she stays in the house. Deep ignores her and leaves the house. While waiting for the car which was about to come to pick Deep and Shera, Shera notices a car come towards them in full speed. The car hits Deep and goes. Vasundhara and Netra comes running towards him and takes Deep inside. Netra gets angry on Tara and blames her for trying to kill Deep while they decided to kidnap him. Tara tells Netra that she did not plan to kill Deep and they both pull their gun on Aarohi who gets shocked. The doctor comes and tells Vasundhara that Deep was okay and that he will regain consciousness in sometime. 

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