Ishq Mein Marjawan February 11, 2019 Update: Aarohi finds the red diary

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Aarohi finds the red diary and how Deep once again manaes to keep Aarohi away from it
Colors TV,Nia Sharma,Arjun Bijlani,Serial updates,Ishq Mein Marjawan,Ishq Mein Marjawan updateIshq Mein Marjawan February 11, 2019 Update: Aarohi finds the red diary
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Raj tells Aarohi that she always believes Deep even though he is the one who always cheats on her. Raj tells Aarohi that if she doesnot believe Raj, she should come on the pahadi wala lane to learn the truth of Deep. Here, Tara and Deep’s mother comes in Vasundara’s room and comes to know that Aarohi has learned that truth behind Deep and Raj that they are twins. Vasundara tells Tara that Aarohi is reaching towards the truth very quickly and that they have to stop her at any cost within the next 24 hours.

On the other hand, Aarohi comes to the road that Raj tells Aarohi to come if she wanted to know the truth behind Deep’s secret. Aarohi see Deep meeting a man and giving him a lot of money in return of some small bag and Aarohi wonders what was in the bag. Here, Raj pulls a gun on Aarohi and tells her to hand over the locket to him else he would kill Aarohi. Aarohi tells him that till the time the locket was with her, Raj will not kill her and while stepping backward with an intention to get away from Raj, Aarohi falls from the cliff but luckily grabs a stone. She requests Raj to help her while she tries to climb back with all her wits. Raj pulls Aarohi up and asks her to tell the truth about the locket when Aarohi takes Raj’s hand and pushes him in the same cliff where he’s stuck in between rocks and Aarohi threatens him to tell her the truth. She pulls Raj back as he tells her that the secret is in that red diary.

Aarohi comes in Deep’s room in search for that red diary and recollects the time Deep had climbed and had repaired the ac himself. Aarohi climbed and took the red diary out from the ac duct just when Deep came in and the diary dropped. Deep involves her in a conversation while Aarohi keeps an eye on the diary. Deep complains that Aarohi always questions him and always sees him with a suspicious eyes, when Deep tells Aarohi that the only truth is that Deep and Aarohi’s love is the only truth and that Aarohi completes him.

Just when Aarohi was involved with Deep in a conversation, Deep gets a phone call from Vasundara when he leaves from there. As Deep left the diary goes missing and Aarohi again feels cheated by Deep. Aarohi gets a chit of the address of Trivedi which she recollects Raj telling about. Aarohi leaves to go to that address. Will Aarohi find Trivedi? Will she get to know the truth this time or will she again fall in trouble? Stay hooked for more updates.

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