Ishq Mein Marjawan February 12, 2019 Written Update: Raj killed Abhimanyu

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Guru Ma and Tara dupes Aarohi against Raj while she avenges revenge from Raj for killing Abhimanyu.
Ishq Mein Marjawan February 12, 2019 Written Update: Raj killed AbhimanyuIshq Mein Marjawan February 12, 2019 Written Update: Raj killed Abhimanyu
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In previous episode we see how Aarohi once again misses out on obtaining the red diary and feels cheated by Deep. Aarohi goes to Trivedi’s house just like Raj had suggested Aarohi where she finds Opasna and gets shocked. Aarohi asks Opasna whether she was involved with Trivedi or not and on whose instruction were they doing everything just when someone hits hard on Aarohi’s head making her unconscious. She regains consciousness after some time and finds Opasna lying dead beside her. Just when she learned Opasna is dead, she hears police’s siren and suspects that Raj might have sent her to get Aarohi in trouble. Lakshyay enters and blames Aarohi for Opasna’s murder as Aarohi’s hand was covered in Opasna’s blood. Lakshyay forces Aarohi to come with him when she falls and finds a button in Opasna’s hand when she learns that Opasna was still alive.

Here, Tara tries to cut the rope from which Raj was hanging from the cliff. She threatens Raj to tell her the truth about the game he is playing with Aarohi and that Raj knows well that if she reaches the truth, they all will be in trouble. Raj tells Tara that since she failed to do anything for Raj, he was using Aarohi for getting him what he wanted. Here, Opasna regains consciousness and Aarohi asks her who did that to her. Opasna tells Aarohi that she did not see the face as it was dark. Aarohi tells Lakhsyay to take Opasna to hospital while she will look for the person who attempted Opasna’s murder. Here, Tara tells Raj that she had planned a big surprise for him and that he doesn’t know what will happen to Raj next. She had sent a video to Guru Ma in which Raj was trying kill Abhimanyu. Raj swears that he will not leave anyone.



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On the other hand, Deep looks for Aarohi when he finds Aarohi waiting for him and involves him in a romantic dance to learn if the button that she found from Opasna’s hand was of Deep or not. While she was dancing with Deep she found out that the button actually belonged to Deep and that he had scars on his nape. Learning the truth Aarohi felt weak in her knees when Deep rushed in Vasundhara’s room to get her some medicines. Here, Guru Ma shows Aarohi the video by which she learned that Raj was the one who killed Abhimanyu and that Raj had forced her to suspect Deep on every step. Tara sees the entire thing and thinks to herself that she was the one who had shooted the entire video and she wanted to use it at the right time. Guru Ma told Aarohi that Raj is upto something very dangerous and that Deep was in deep trouble. Will Aarohi finally learn the truth? Who was behind everything – Raj or Deep and will Aarohi be successful in taking her revenge from Raj?


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