Ishq Mein Marjawan February 13, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi avenges Raj’s murder

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Aarohi avenges Raj’s murder while she gets trapped in Raj’s plan to destroy her and get hold of the locket.
Ishq Mein Marjawan February 13, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi avenges Raj’s murder   Ishq Mein Marjawan February 13, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi avenges Raj’s murder
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In previous episode we have seen how Aarohi swears on avenging Raj’s murder for killing Abhimanyu. Tara informs Deep that Aarohi is desperate to kill Raj and take her revenge just when Vasundhara comes in and requests Deep to stop Aarohi as if she hurts Raj, their family secret will come out and will ruin their reputation. Deep assures Vasundhara that only he can stop Aarohi as Deep was her only weakness. While Deep and Vasundhara were having this conversation, someone secretly records them. Deep comes in the room and asks Aarohi whether or not she was hiding something from Deep. Aarohi hugs Deep and apologises to Deep for always doubting him. Deep promises Aarohi that he will give her all the happiness of the world while Aarohi thinks about the incidents happened with Guru Ma and her. Deep apologises to Aarohi that he had done wrong to her and that he will fulfil all the promises he had made to Aarohi and that he wanted to get married to Aarohi again so that he could fulfil all the promises which he couldn’t fulfil earlier.

Deep consoles Aarohi and tells her that he knows she had been through a lot of troubles and asks her to go faraway with him where they can stay happily forever. Aarohi gets emotional and leaves with Deep for a day’s holiday. Just when Deep and Aarohi were leaving, Aarohi tells Deep that she had forgotten her phone inside, when Deep offers to go inside and get it for her. Aarohi escaped from there with an intention to save Deep. Here, Vasundhara informs Raj that Aarohi was intending to double cross him when Raj gets angry and was about to leave to teach Aarohi a lesson. Vasundhara tries to stop Raj when he ties Vasundhara so that she does not protect Aarohi from him. Raj calls Aarohi and tells her to come to a secluded room and that if Aarohi tried to escape Deep will lose his life. Aarohi gets a call from a strange man threatening her to tell where was the locket kept. Aarohi lies to the man that it was kept in her cupboard which the man couldn’t find and blamed Aarohi for letting Deep be in trouble.

Here, few NGO workers come to meet Deep, who were human bombs which the man, apparently Raj, had sent to threaten Aarohi and get her to hand over the locket to him. Aarohi panics seeing the women with bombs via CCTV camera which was present in the room and tells the man that the locket was with her and he can come and take it. The moment Aarohi accepted that the locket was with her, the CCTV camera gets switched off and Deep is seen giving the NGO women money and tells them to throw the fake bomb aside. Deep calls Aarohi which she doesn’t pick and Deep thinks to himself why wasn’t Aarohi picking up when Deep’s man wasn’t threatening Aarohi anymore. Here, Aarohi’s phone gets switched off and she gets trapped in dark room while Deep worries about Aarohi’s well-being. Will Raj get hold of Aarohi and kill her? Will Aarohi be able to escape without Deep’s help?

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