Ishq Mein Marjawan March 11, 2019 Written Update: Netra gets tortured by Deep

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Netra was tortured by Deep and was asked about 28th February. Later, Aarohi got hit by kidnapper’s car.
Ishq Mein Marjawan March 11, 2019 Written Update: Netra gets tortured by DeepIshq Mein Marjawan March 11, 2019 Written Update: Netra gets tortured by Deep
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In previous episode, we see how Deep was keeping an eye on Netra’s every movement by fitting a spy camera in her room. Meanwhile, Aarohi manages to escape the captivity. Rajan confirms Aarohi’s blood stains on the dupatta found from Netra’s cupboard. Deep gets shocked and tells Rajan to call Netra for him. Netra stepped inside Deep’s room to find herself fall unconscious, getting hit by a table. Deep instructs Rajan to take Netra from there. Meanwhile, Netra’s father learns that Netra was in possible danger, when an anonymous call confirms his suspicion. Here, Netra had been tied to a chair and trapped in a dark room. Shocked Netra requests the shadow of a man that she saw in the dark, to let her go. Deep changes his voice and demands to know what had happened on 28th February. Netra confesses that she did not know anything and got tortured. When Netra fell unconscious, Deep puts her back in the bed, making her believe that everything that was worried about was nothing but a bad dream. Deep suggests Netra to go home and take rest. Here, Netra’s parents discuss about Deep’s reality and wishing Netra’s safety. Here, Aarohi comes face to face with the man who had kidnapped her while seeking help and gets shocked to learn that he survived Aarohi’s attack on him earlier.

Netra comes home to a worried parent who inquired about Netra’s wound on her head. She explained the incident happened with her earlier that day. When her mother leaves her alone, Netra confides in her father informing him about the torture she had undergone, which seemed real to her. Netra tells her father that while Deep and Vasundhara had declared it to be a bad dream, she somewhere feels everything was real. Seeing her father worried, Netra tells him that it may be a side effect of the injection doctor had given her. Here, Aarohi was hit by the kidnapper’s car and fell unconscious on the road, left to die.

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