Ishq Mein Marjawan May 15, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi gets bruised

Today in Ishq Mein Marjawan, we see how Aarohi tricks Deep and protects Kia from getting arrested by his help. Later, Kia pushes Aarohi on shattered glasses which pierces her.
Ishq Mein Marjawan May 15, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi gets bruisedIshq Mein Marjawan May 15, 2019 Written Update: Aarohi gets bruised
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In the previous episode, we see how Aarohi comes across her sister Kia, who was against her. Later, Aarohi seelks help from Inspector Randheer and tells him to save her sister from Deep’s influence. Deep informs Aarohi that he had sent Kia with a bag full of illegal items and had sent the police to arrest her. Aarohi gets worried about Kia while Deep traps Aarohi in Vasundhara mansion. Aarohi gets impatient to save Kia from the police while Inspector Randheer follows Kia. Wasting some time, Deep finally let Aarohi leave and stated that by this time Kia might have already been arrested. Aarohi tells Deep that she had fit a microchip in Kia’s jacket and that he should be worried as he would soon be exposed. Here, Kia comes to a factory with the bag, however, she finds Inspector Randheer there.

Kia tries to escape but Tarang pulls a gun on her and stops her. She gets a call from Deep but before she could pick his call, Inspector Randheer captures Kia. Before he could take Kia with him, Deep comes and rescues her. Kia throws the bag which Randheer locates and just when he was about to open the bag, Aarohi comes there. Deep brings Kia to a safe place and instigates Kia against Aarohi. He lies to Kia and tells her that Aarohi had sent police to arrest her and assured her to keep her safe. He returns home to find Inspector Randheer and Tarang waiting for him. Randheer brings the handcuffs with him and tells him that he had managed to gather few proofs against him. Deep tells him to reveal his proof just when Randheer calls Aarohi inside. He tells Deep that Aarohi was a witness to everything that he had done and calls her inside. To his shock, she comes and tells Randheer that Deep was innocent and that she did not know anything about his wrong doings.

When the inspector leaves, Aarohi lashes out at Deep and tells him to stop using her by blackmailing her about Kia. Later, Kia comes with an intention to kill Aarohi in her sleep but before she could hit her with the stick, Aarohi wakes up from her sleep. Kia blames Aarohi for trying to spoil her life by sending her to the prison, however, Aarohi tries to explain Kia that she had sent the police for her safety. Kia expresses her disappointment in Aarohi and while conversing accidentally pushes her on the pieces of shattered glasses which pricks her.

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