Ishqbaaaz February 12, 2019 Written Update: Mannat tries hard to tell Shivaansh the truth

Today in Ishqbaaz, we see how Mannat repeatedly tries to inform Shivaansh about the danger and how each time she gets interrupted by someone or the other.
Ishqbaaaz February 12, 2019 Written Update: Mannat tries hard to tell Shivaansh the truthIshqbaaaz February 12, 2019 Written Update: Mannat tries hard to tell Shivaansh the truth
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In previous episode we see how Mannat comes to talk to Shivaansh just when Varun interrupts them. Mannat leaves from there and accidently drops her bag from which a syringe falls down which is noticed by Varun. He tries to manipulate Shivaansh and makes him believe that the girl was not Mannat. Shivaansh asks Varun about munni when Varun tells Shivaansh that munni was absolutely fine and that Mannat was a liar. Here, Shivaansh comes in the garden regretting getting married like this when his parents were a perfect couple who set many couple goals which dadi talks about. Mannat follows Shivaansh just when they both see a shooting star and makes their individual wishes. The instance Mannat was about to call out for Shivaansh, some noises from the main door makes him go and see about what was happening.

Shivaansh sees the media lined up and calls for Sonia when she realises that she had to do the touch up just when Mannat arrives there. Shivaansh unknowingly holds Mannat’s hand when she tried to call him from behind and gets shocked to see a mere mehendi wali beside him whose face was hidden in the veil. The entire family comes in and Varun gets a little worried seeing Mannat with Shivaansh together and tells her to go and carry on with her work. Varun calls Mannat and threatens Mannat that she was left with just one syringe and just one day when she had to poison Sonia else Munni will be in danger. Mannat tries one more time to tell Shivaansh the truth and bumps into him when Shivaansh when he leaves from there. Just then a waiter comes and tells Mannat to give Sonia her juice, and Mannat pours the liquid in Sonia’s drink and hands it over to Sonia. Just when Mannat hands over the juice to Sonia, she realises that she shouldn’t have put someone’s life in danger in order to save munni.



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She immediately thinks to herself that she needs to do something about the whole situation. Mannat snatches the glass from Sonia and throws the glass on the floor and runs away from there. Varun comes inside Sonia’s room and learns that Mannat couldn’t do as instructed and he himself comes in the room and puts the liquid in the water that Sonia eventually drinks. Varun instructs the person from his gang to take Sonia from there wrapping her in the carpet.

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