Ishqbaaaz February 13, 2019 Written Update: Varun threatens Mannat

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how Varun threatens Mannat and tells her to get married to Shivaansh.
Ishqbaaaz February 13, 2019 Written Update: Varun threatens MannatIshqbaaaz February 13, 2019 Written Update: Varun threatens Mannat
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In previous episode we have seen how Mannat tries her best to warn Shivaansh about the prevailing danger in his family just when she thinks to herself that if she is not being able to tell Shivaansh, she can always tell Varun and he can inform Shivaansh about the whole thing. Mannat approaches Varun and tells everything to Varun. Varun finds himself lucky as Mannat had come and told him rather than Shivaansh. Varun calls Mannat and threatens Mannat that she couldn’t do what he told her to and now a part of her last task, she had to sit for marrying Shivaansh instead of Sonia. Varun also threatens Mannat that if she dared to tell this to anyone munni will be killed. Mannat rushes to inform Varun that he shouldn’t tell Shivaansh anything and that she was wrong.

Mannat gets ready in her bridal clothes and covers her face with her dupatta just when Shivaansh comes in and thanks Sonia, which now was Mannat, that Shivaansh is unaware of, that she was doing a big favour and that Shivaansh knows every girl has dreams of getting married to the one she loved. Mannat decides she had to tell Shivaansh the truth and just when she was about to tell him the truth, Varun comes in and Mannat gets interrupted. Here, Shivaansh tells Khanna to get a fake pandit to conduct the marriage which Varun over hears and offers to get the pandit himself. Varun dupes Shivaansh and plans on getting the real pandit to conduct the marriage with all the rituals.

Mannat sees all the family members so happy and thinks to herself that she should leave from there instead of cheating everyone. Just when Mannat was about to go away from there, Mannat gets a call and Varun tells her that she cannot run as munni was at the venue with the bomb and that if she does not marry Shivaansh, everyone including munni will die. Will Manat be able to tell Shivaansh the truth? Will Shivaansh and Mannat get married?

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