Ishqbaaaz February 5, 2019 preview: Radhika meets with an accident

Varun makes Radhika unconscious and kidnaps her.
Ishqbaaaz February 5, 2019 preview: Radhika meets with an accident Ishqbaaaz February 5, 2019 preview: Radhika meets with an accident
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Varun has been conducting all the bad deeds but the blame has been put on Mannat. Mannat's Chachi is also involved in the plan of robbing the entire family due to which Varun is using Mannat as a scapegoat. Mannat's day dreaming instances with Shivansh further worsen the situation as it makes it easy to blame her for all the misdeeds. Aditi too has warned Shivansh to be careful of the obsessive fan tendencies of Mannat as these might make her do something which may bring some bad luck on the Oberoi's. It has been shown in the previous episode that Mannat has been put in a spot by Varun and her Chachi so that Radhika opens the vault.

The two of them try to get Radhika kidnapped because she is the only key to the vault. Although the initial plan was that a stylist will be sent by Chachi for Radhika through the medium of Mannat. Mannat will then be distracted and made to look after the little girl in the midst of which the stylist will make Radhika unconscious and then kidnap her. However, Radhika notices the woman and fights her back which results in the stylist losing her consciousness. Varun then takes the responsibility of kidnapping Radhika himself. He hits her on her head and puts chloroform on her mouth and is easily able to kidnap her. Meanwhile the blame again falls back on Mannat.

In the promo of the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaaz, it is seen that Radhika tries to escape the guy who was delivering her to the area where the vault has been placed. However, just as Radhika is about to reach the main road, a car speedily races towards her. Now it is yet to be known whether Radhika has been hit by the car or is there someone familiar to her in the car. 

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