Ishqbaaaz March 11, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh learns about a shocking truth

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how Mannat receives a call from a stranger about her father's whereabouts. Later, Shivaansh gets a clue regarding his father's killer.
Ishqbaaaz March 11, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh learns about a shocking truthIshqbaaaz March 11, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh learns about a shocking truth
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In today’s episode we see how Mannat consoles an emotional Shivaansh and assures him that everything is going to be fine. Shivaansh blamed himself for his parent’s death and explains how because of him his parents died. Shivaansh expressed his regret of not being able to find his father’s murderer. Shivaansh hears a noise suddenly which is related to his father’s murder. Sahil gets shocked when Shivaansh told him that the noise which his stick makes somehow is related to his father’s death. Sahil calls an anonymous person and tells him that it is necessary for them to keep Shivaansh away from the memories. Later, Shivaansh and Mannat spend some quality time together where Mannat oils Shivaansh’s hair.

Mannat gets an anonymous call and leaves for some place. Shivaansh finds Mannat in the kitchen, lost in her thoughts after coming home. Shivaansh confronts Mannat, but she avoids him and does not reply. Mannat comes to her room and cries for her father. Earlier that day, she reaches an old factory and finds her father trapped behind a glass wall. She gets shocked seeing Varun break from the prison and kidnap her father. Varun tells Mannat to do as she was told in return for her father’s safety. Khanna tells Shivaansh that he had a meeting with a director named PK Gupta. Hearing the name PK, Shivaansh gets worried and calls the commissioner to discuss about his father’s murder.

In the turn of events, we see Sahil to be the person who had plotted Ashish aka Varun in the Oberoi family. Sahil had earlier met Ashish and told him to get married to Radhika by using the fake name of Varun Mehra. They had a mutual understanding of 50% partnership in Shivaansh’s property. Sahil tells Varun that Shivaansh was slowly remembering things from his past and that they have to get all his property signed under their name before they get unleashed by him. 

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