Ishqbaaaz March 12, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh decides to take Mannat on a date

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how Varun threatens to kill Mannat's father if she doesn't agree to his terms. Later, Shivaansh takes her on a date.
Ishqbaaaz March 12, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh decides to take Mannat on a dateIshqbaaaz March 12, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh decides to take Mannat on a date
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In today’s episode we see how Mannat receives a call from a stranger about her father's whereabouts. Later, Shivaansh gets a clue regarding his father's killer. Shivaansh seeks help from the commissioner regarding his father’s murder. An inspector comes to the Oberoi mansion and informs Shivaansh that Commissioner Dixit was out of town and she will be handling his father’s case. She also informs Shivaansh that PK was the person behind his father’s murder, who is missing till date. Here, Sahil and Varun gang up against Shivaansh in order to acquire Shivaansh’s property. Varun calls Mannat to the factory and hands over the divorce papers to her.

In return for her father’s safety, Varun tells Mannat to seek divorce from Shivaansh and claim his property as an alimony. Mannat feels heart-broken anticipating the consequences of filing the divorce as she will lose Shivaansh in the process. Here, Shivaansh attends a party and tries to keep Mannat’s thoughts at bay which continues to haunt him, in order to prove to himself and others that Mannat wasn’t an important part for him. Later, Shivaansh comes home to see Mannat in danger of getting hurt by the chandelier and runs to save her. Sahil sees Shivaansh get close to Mannat and plans to throw Mannat out of Shivaansh’s life as soon as he can.

Here, Shivaansh gets Mannat’s scrap book and decides to take her on a date to a 5-star hotel just like she had dreamed. Mannat looks breathtakingly beautiful in the dress Shivaansh had gifted her for their date, which makes Shivaansh drool. Shivaansh tells Mannat that he is taking her on their first date. Mannat gets nervous on the idea of going on a date with Shivaansh. Shivaansh assures her that she was nothing but the best and that she doesn’t have to worry about competing with the world as he loved her the way she was.

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