Ishqbaaaz March 13, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s shocking discovery

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how after a romantic date with Mannat, Shivaansh learns that her father was involved in Shivaay's murder. Later, PK makes a shocking disclosure.
Ishqbaaaz March 13, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s shocking discoveryIshqbaaaz March 13, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s shocking discovery
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In today’s episode we see how Varun threatens to kill Mannat's father if she doesn't agree to his terms. Later, Shivaansh takes her on a date. Shivaansh tries his best to confess his love for Mannat. Shivaansh and Mannat spend some quality time together where they both shower each other with love. Shivaansh tells Mannat how lucky he feels by having her by his side. Mannat and Shivaansh decide to spend the rest of the night by talking to each other. A furious Varun gets the unsigned divorce papers from Mannat and calls Sahil for help. Here, Sahil gives Shivaansh the divorce papers and asks him to sign the papers. Shivaansh tried to explain Sahil about Mannat’s innocence while Sahil instigated Shivaansh against Mannat by informing him that PK was Mannat’s father who had killed Shivaay.

Mannat comes home to an angry Shivaansh who lashes out at Mannat for betraying him and his family by helping PK to acquire Shivaansh’s property. Mannat tells Shivaansh the truth about Varun kidnapping her father and after listening to her entire story, Shivaansh agrees to give Mannat a chance to prove herself. Mannat takes Shivaansh to an empty factory where Varun had kept her father. While Mannat and Shivaansh were on their way, Sahil had instructed Varun to move PK to a different location and return to the jail by bribing the same guard who had let him out. Shivaansh gets a call from the inspector who confirms Varun’s presence in the jail.

The police manage to arrest PK, who confesses his crime of murdering Shivaay which shocks Mannat.

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