Ishqbaaaz March 14, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh gets shot

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how PK's confession puzzles Shivaansh. Later, an infuriated Shivaansh gets shot when he asks Mannat to leave the Oberoi Mansion.
Ishqbaaaz March 14, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh gets shotIshqbaaaz March 14, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh gets shot
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In today’s episode we see how after a romantic date with Mannat, Shivaansh learns that her father was involved in Shivaay's murder. Later, PK makes a shocking disclosure. Inspite of PK’s confession, Mannat was adamant to prove PK innocent. Earlier, Sahil was seen threatening PK to accept the charge of killing Shivaay in return for Mannat’s well being. Police arrests PK and after he leaves, Shivaansh breaks his ties with Mannat. After the incident with PK, Shivaay’s murder haunts Shivaansh. Shivaansh hears a familiar voice in his dream who was instigating PK to shoot. Later, Shivaansh interrogates PK and asks him about the other person who was involved with him.

After talking to PK, Shivaansh shares his conversation with PK with Sahil. Sahil explains Shivaansh how Shivaay had thrown PK out from the company for manipulating the company accounts. Unknowingly Sahil discloses some confidential details to Shivaansh, which makes him doubt Sahil. Clever Sahil covers up by manipulating Shivaansh and gets scared, seeing Shivaansh's consistency to find the truth. Sahil calls an anonymous person and instructs him to kill Shivaansh as he was becoming a threat to Sahil. Shivaansh had stepped out of Oberoi mansion for some work and gets shot by someone. After getting unconscious, Shivaansh has a hallucination of meeting Shivaay who advised Shivaansh to open his heart for Mannat.

Shivaay also advised Shivaansh to keep his eyes and ears open if he wanted to solve the mystery behind Shivaay’s murder. Shivaansh learns that he got saved because of the coin in his pocket. Earlier, Mannat had come to the Oberoi mansion to return the keys and had given Shivaansh a coin which she had brought for him, as a token of remembrance. 

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