Ishqbaaaz March 8, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s dance makes Mannat Jealous

Today in Ishqbaaaz, we see how Shivaansh thinks of letting Mannat go. Later on, Mannat gets jealous when she sees Shivaansh dance with an actress.
Ishqbaaaz March 8, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s dance makes Mannat JealousIshqbaaaz March 8, 2019 Written Update: Shivaansh’s dance makes Mannat Jealous
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In today’s episode we see Shivaansh close dance with an actress, Alisha. Mannat goes green with jealousy when she sees them. Shivaansh introduces Mannat to the actress. Shivaansh mentions that in his latest video they are dancing with each other hence they were practising. Mannat is furious and leaves the place. Sahil sees this and asks why Mannat is upset. In the meantime, Mannat is in the kitchen thinking out loud that Shivaansh did not have time to visit the doctor but is dancing with the actress. Out of anger she puts excess chilli powder in the salad. Khanna notices this and decides to take another salad for Shivaansh.  Mannat follows Khanna and sees the actress dancing with Shivaansh and gets annoyed. She tells that Shivaansh is unwell and that the doctor has recommended bedrest. While putting Shivaansh to sleep she suddenly falls on him. Shivaansh asks her why she is edgy and why she spoke to the actress the way she did. Mannat tells him to stay away from the actress kind of girls.

Sahil comes to Shivaansh and asks him whether he has read through the property papers and also the blueprints of the hotel which they have planned to build in Nainital. Shivaansh apologizes that he couldn’t make time to read through the property papers however he has seen the blueprints and that Mannat recommended to build the hotel in Himachal as it’s a tourist destination. Sahil also gives advice on his current relationship with Mannat and that he knows some good lawyers to help him in the situation. Shivaansh gets tensed after listening to all this. PN calls Dhruv and tells him to send invites to everyone. Mannat asks what the preparation is for. PN tells her about Shivaay and Anika’s death anniversary and how they observe it every year. PN asks Mannat to share about her family. Mannat tells about her family and how she was brought up. Sahil is stunned to know Mannat’s father’s name. Shivaansh praises Sahil’s watch and Sahil goes into flashback on how he stole it from Shivaay. Mannat feels low and goes in the kitchen. Mannat explains the reason for her sorrow.

Mannat imagines dancing with Shivaansh and falls just when Shivaansh comes there and holds her. Shivaansh teaches Mannat how to dance however Shivnaansh suddenly remembers what Sahil had told him. He expresses his thoughts of divorce which stuns Mannat. Later that night Shivaansh is thinking of letting Mannat go and at the same time Mannat is thinking what made her jealous when Shivaansh was dancing with the actress. Shivaash gets a nightmare of Shivaay’s murder and gets up palpitating. 

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