Ishqbaaz February 11, 2019 Update: Shivaansh to marry Sonia

Today in Ishqbaaz, we see how Varun panics learning that Shivaansh will marry Sonia on a contract basis while he sends Mannat to break that marriage
Star Plus,Serial updates,Ishqbaaz,Ishqbaaz updateIshqbaaz February 11, 2019 Update: Shivaansh to marry Sonia
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In the previous episode, we see how Varun convinces Shivaansh to get married on a contract basis to save Dadi and how Shivaansh gives in to dadi’s demands. Here, Shivaansh gets Sonia to marry him giving her few endorsements and couple of movies’ contract. Varun gets shocked learning this and threatens Mannat to go to Oberoi mansion for her last task else he will press hold the button of the bomb which was fitted on munni’s body. Mannat agrees for this last task for munni’s sake and agrees to do whatever the man was telling him to do. Mannat reaches the Oberoi mansion and hides behind a tree while she was figuring out how to enter in such tight security just when a man came hiding behind a mask and hands over a Bluetooth headset and few syringe and instructs her to go inside while the security was involved with Varun letting Mannat enter.

Varun calls Mannat and tells her to inject the syringe in Sonia’s food and make her eat. Sonia asks Mannat to pass the juice kept on the table and Mannat gets an opportunity to put the syringe in that. While Mannat was about to put the medicine in the glass, Shivaansh enters and Mannat panics and the syringe falls down. Dadi becomes very happy learning that Shivaansh is getting married. Sonia tells Mannat that she has to put mehendi on her hand first as Mannat had entered as a lady who puts mehendi, and that she doesn’t want any chemical reaction on her hand. Mannat gets shocked as Sonia tells Mannat to write Shivaansh’s name on her hand and show her the design that she will put. Here, Mannat feels that whatever the man was telling her to do to Sonia can put her life in danger and that Mannat should find Shivaansh the first instance that she gets and tell him the truth and that someone is plotting against him. Just when Mannat found Shivaansh alone and was about to tell him, Varun comes there and interrupts Mannat and fails her plan. Will Mannat be able to tell the truth to Shivaansh? Will Shivaansh forgive Mannat for this? Will Varun’s truth come in front of Shivaansh?


Shit... It was beautiful with surbhi

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