Ishqbaaz February 5, 2019 Written Update: Varun gets Shivaansh’s will

In Ishqbaaz’s today’s episode, Varun will successfully be able to get Shivaansh’s will and Mannat saves Shivaansh’s life.
Ishqbaaz February 5, 2019 Written Update: Varun gets Shivaansh’s willIshqbaaz February 5, 2019 Written Update: Varun gets Shivaansh’s will
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In the previous episode, we’ve seen how Radhika gets kidnapped and Shivaansh blames Mannat for leaving Radhika alone with a stranger. Varun kidnaps Radhika as he learns that the safe will only open by her and plans her kidnap and sends her away in a car. Shivaansh assures everyone that he will find Radhika out anyhow but to continue the function else Bua will create a fuss.

Shivaansh swears on Mannat that she should pray that Radhika is safe else he will not leave Mannat at any cost.

Shivaansh leaves with Khanna to look for Radhika while Varun leaves to where Radhika was kept to get his work done until anyone reaches Radhika. He comes and takes Radhika’s fingerprints and opens her eye for the eye scan, the safe opens and he gets Shivaansh’s will.

Radhika becomes conscious and escapes from there. She calls Shivaansh by borrowing someone’s phone and tries to tell him something before which the calls get disconnected as she starts running away from the goons who were following her. Shivaansh tells the commissioner to trace the number and gets the location from Nandini.

Shivaansh reaches to the location and looks for Radhika, while she trying to escape from the goons finds herself standing in front of a speeding car that was coming towards her. Shivaansh reaches just in time to save Radhika and pulls her aside from the speeding car. He asks her for the details of the kidnappers and Radhika points in the direction in which she was taken. Shivaansh races towards the location and tells Khanna to take Radhika home. Mannat also reaches that place following Shivaansh. Shivaansh faints from the smoke as his heart was racing and falls on Mannat’s lap. Mannat shouts out for help as there was no network on Shivaansh’s phone.

Mannat takes Shivaansh to hospital and Mahesh looking at his condition informs him that he has no time left now. Shivaansh explains Mahesh how important it was to go home to attend the function and promises to come back as soon as the functions get over. Mannat asks Shivaansh how he was feeling and he recalls the whole episode to happen because of her carelessness and gets angry. He leaves for home with Khanna and Mannat is left alone crying.

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