Ishqbaaz February 6, 2019 Update: Munni gets kidnapped

In Ishqbaaz, today we have seen that Varun learns about Shivaansh’s will and makes a lethal plan ahead.
Star Plus,Serial updates,Ishqbaaz,Ishqbaaz updateIshqbaaz February 6, 2019 Update: Munni gets kidnapped
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In today’s episode of Ishqbaaz, Bua gets annoyed as Shivaansh and Radhika went missing and the sangeet ceremony had no one to greet her. Nani explains Bua that Shivaansh must be stuck in work just when Shivaansh come with Khanna. He asks everyone why is so silent here when Bua complains that there’s no dhol and Radhika also came in very bad shape. Shivaansh gets worried and goes to see how Radhika was. Radhika faints and Shivaansh shouts out to Dhruv to call the doctor. The doctor informs that Radhika fainted because of the head injury.

Bua breaks Shivani and Angad’s relation by taking each other’s ring and tells Shivaansh that his entire family is unlucky and that she does not want to get associated with his family. She along with Anand’s family leaves from there and Shivaansh blames Mannat for everything that happened. Shivaansh tells Mannat that Radhika will be the person who will decide what punishment should Mannat get and that she cannot go anywhere until Radhika gets well. Here, Munni is seen waiting for Mannat at the temple and calls her from someone’s phone. Munni tells Mannat that she was waiting for her at the temple when Mannat tells her that she was on her way just when Shivaansh snatches the phone from MAnnat and tells her that Mannat will be late and to go home by herself. Shivaansh told Mannat that she should feel the same pain that he felt for his sister.

Varun elopes from there and reads the will. He gets furious learning that Radhika will not get anything out of Shivaansh’s property. She will be entitled to one lakh per month until she turns 50 from the trust every month. Varun learns that if Shivaansh is killed his wife will be entitled to all the money. As soon as Radhika gains consciousness Shivaansh scolds Mannat and tells her to get out. She learns that Munni had been kidnapped when she reached home and chichi informs Mannat that she couldn’t find Munni anywhere. Chachi recalls her conversation with Varun to get Munni kidnapped. Mannat recalls what Shivaansh had told her and blames him for Munni’s condition. She goes to Shivaansh and scolds him for Munni’s condition and promises him that she will take her revenge and teach Shivaansh a lesson.

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