Ishqbaaz February 7,2019 Update: Shivaansh is about to die

Today in Ishqbaaz, Varun gets hold of Shivaansh’s medical reports via Mannat and learns about his heart condition to be critical of which he decides to take advantage of.
Star Plus,Serial updates,Ishqbaaz,Ishqbaaz updateIshqbaaz February 7,2019 Update: Shivaansh is about to die
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In today’s episode, Dadi tells Shivaansh that he has done wrong with Mannat and that he shouldn’t have terminated Mannat from her work. Shivaansh tells Khanna to inquire where Munni was and that she should be made to reach at her home safely, when Varun intervenes and assures Shivansh that he will handle everything and that he will look after that munni reaches safely home. Varun calls Mannat and threatens her that if she doesn’t do as Varun says he will kill Munni, which makes Mannat scared and she agrees to do everything as she’s told.

On the other hand, Shivaansh goes into Radhika’s room and asks her how she was and what had happened to her. Shivaansh apologizes to Shivani for the marriage being put off because of the whole thing but also tells her that a person who doesn’t take stand for his sister, doesn’t deserve her. Here, Varun discusses with chachi and informs her that Shivaansh eats a pill every day and that Shivaansh goes to the hospital for regular check-ups every now and then. Varun also informs chachi that Mannat will be the one he will use against the Oberoi family and that she will inquire the truth about Shivaansh’s heath. Varun tells Mannat to reach City Hospital and to go to the record room where every patient’s files were kept.

Mannat reaches the hospital and just when she was about to enter the record room, a nurse interrupts her saying that was a restricted area and commoners are not allowed inside. Mannat looking for a solution finds a doctor’s lab court and enters. Varun tells Mannat to pick up the records for all ‘O’ named files and come out from there. Varun tells her to keep the files on a car from where someone instantly picks up while Mannat turns around as she was being instructed.

Shivaansh hears the facts of his heart condition on the news which shocks him and the entire family. Shivaansh tells everyone that it is a rumor and that it is media who is playing with his name. Dadi gets a hint that Shivaansh was telling lies and asks Khanna to tell the truth. Varun goes in a flashback where he gets the file from his person and gets to know that Shivaansh is ill and is going to die soon. Varun tells his person to spread this news on every news channel and that every news channel should have this news running on them. The family panics hearing all these and gets hold of Khanna to reveal the truth.

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