Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 15, 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi go to Pune

In today’s episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Rohit finds out Raima’s location and Mhatre threatens Sonakshi to attend the function in Pune as promised.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 15, 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi go to PuneKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 15, 2019 Written Update: Rohit and Sonakshi go to Pune
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In the latest episode, Rohit notices his nurses staring at his waxed chest and quickly closes his top button and assigns them some work. Pallavi’s husband comes to meet Rohit and before Rohit begins to talk about Pallavi he asks him if he recognized him. Mr. Singh reminds him that they have met before this. At the set, Sonakshi has to perform an emotional scene. She begins the performance but instead of uttering Kunal’s name in the dialogues she keeps on saying Rohit. Netra doesn’t interrupt her and lets her complete the scene and everybody giggles at Sonakshi saying Rohit’s name again and again unconsciously. As the scene ends, everybody begins to laugh and Netra makes Sonakshi realize that Parvati’s husband is Kunal and she kept saying Rohit’s name instead. Sonakshi blushes and feels a little embarrassed and takes a short break.


Later, Mr. Singh hands over some information to Rohit that he was asking him years back when he had met him. It was all the details of the numbers he had dialed that night and their location. Rohit searched for Raima’s number and its location was Pune meaning that Raima was in Pune right now. Akash, at home, is still worried about what Nishi and YK were hiding. Later, Netra teases Sonakshi on the set and asks her to go ahead with Rohit as he seems to be a nice guy. Sonakshi tells her that he has a past and what if the girl from his past comes back. Later, as Sonakshi is shooting her scene, Mhatre arrives on the set. After the shoot, Sonakshi meets him and he demands her to come for a function tonight in his village. She tells him that it’s too last minute and she has a night shift to do at the shoot today so she won’t be able to come. Mhatre tries to threaten Sonakshi by saying he still has Pooja’s photos and videos, which he can release with one phone call. Finally, Sonakshi agrees to go to the event.


Rohit begins packing his bag to leave for Pune but Veena is refusing to let him go. Here, Netra is worried about Sonakshi and asks her to not go to Pune as well. Finally, Veena agrees to let Rohit go and even Sonakshi convinces Netra to let her go. Later, Sonakshi stops at a restaurant and sees Rohit there. She thinks she’s just imagining it as today Rohit seems to be on her mind a lot. But Rohit too had stopped there with Ravi for some refreshments. He meets Sonakshi who still thinks that she’s just imagining Rohit to be there. He tells her he’s actually here. They both ask each other why they were going to Pune and both of them lie. But both of them realize that the other person’s lying. Respecting boundaries they don’t ask each other the real reason. Sonakshi then hands over her actual gift to Rohit. He refuses to accept it but Sonakshi while convincing him accidentally says that he can use it to call Raima. She apologizes for saying so. Later, while leaving Rohit asks Sonakshi to pray to god since he really needs god’s blessing today. After he leaves, Sonakshi prays for Rohit’s work to get done so that he always stays happy.

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