Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 20, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi comforts Rohit

In the latest episode of Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Sonakshi confronts her mother on her double standards. Later, she visits Rohit and consoles him.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 20, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi comforts RohitKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 20, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi comforts Rohit
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In today’s episode, as Sonakshi is about to tell Veena about her engagement that happened on 26th September, a nurse informs them that Rohit has been shifted to the room. They both go to see Rohit. Rohit is semiconscious and sees a blurry image of Sonakshi and reaches out his hand for her. The entire family looks confused as Sonakshi goes to hold his hand and he repeatedly calls her Raima. Sonakshi lets his hand go after a while and sits outside. Rohan comes out of the room and thanks her for bringing Rohit here. He tells her that she should go home since her mother might be worried about her. Sonakshi is confused so Rohan explains that he had called Praniti to know where she was and they had no idea. Sonakshi realises that a storm awaits her at home.


At home, Suman is furiously packing her bags as she does not want to stay in a house where her daughter doesn’t respect her. Sonakshi arrives and tries to plead her to not leave. Suman doesn’t listen to her, so after a while Sonakshi loses her patience. She talks back to Suman and asks her what she has against her. She tells her that she has been tolerating all the taunts and insults but it’s enough now. She tells her that she’s quite mature to take her own decisions unlike Praniti who stays out partying all night and yet Suman lets her get away with it. Sonakshi orders Praniti to keep the suitcase inside and furiously goes to her room. Suman just stands there shell-shocked. Pulkit tells Sonakshi that she did the right thing. Later, he teases Sonakshi and asks her if she loves Rohit. Sonakshi blushes and gets mad at Pulkit. Rohit asks the doctors what had happened to him but none of them speak to him. His whole family is in his cabin and dadi has instructed them to not speak to Rohit for a while to make him realise his mistake. Sonakshi arrives at the hospital and overhears Rohit’s family being angry on Rohit. She feels it’s justified for them to have such a reaction and goes to talk to Rohit.


Tulsi, the nurse is also not talking to Rohit as the staff has been instructed likewise. Sonakshi enters the room and talks to Tulsi. Rohit is extremely confused as to why nobody is talking to him. Sonakshi lectures Rohit on his irresponsible behaviour. At one point, she says that his love is selfish and she hopes that he never gets Raima back. Rohit is extremely hurt and yells at Sonakshi to leave. Sonakshi realises her mistake and apologises to Rohit. He tries to explain to her how he only wanted to see her once and apologise to her. Sonakshi consoles Rohit and asks him to move on and give love another chance. Sonakshi shares with him that on 26th September she too had her heartbroken but she gave life another chance and learnt how to embrace happiness. Rohit apologises to Sonakshi for yelling at her and thanked her for everything. He asks her what she’s doing on 26th September this year. Sonakshi is confused so he explains that we can spend the day together and try to get away from the pain. She likes how Rohit has some hope and tells him that he can get rid of the pain completely he just needs to give his heart a chance. She tells him how someone will come into his life and sweep his heart off its feet just like someone swept hers. Rohit catches her mid sentence and asks her if she has fallen in love with someone. Sonakshi awkwardly avoids the question and says she was talking about a friend. Rohit poses a challenge to her to see who among them falls in love first. She tells him to get ready and go home since he also has to deal with what’s happening there. He asks her if she’s free to accompany him because he’s afraid of going home alone. She tells him that it’s his fight and she has a shoot where she’s fighting her own lion. He tells Sonakshi that she only has to glare at the lion to defeat him and compliments her eyes. Sonakshi is flattered by the compliment.

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