Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Sippys beat up Sumit

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, the Sippys beat up Sumit who confesses his crime publicly. Later, Netra decides to replace Sumit.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Sippys beat up SumitKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum August 9, 2019 Written Update: The Sippys beat up Sumit

In today’s episode, the director tells Sonakshi that her shot is later on so she informs someone and sits to study. The director begins to shoot Kaavya’s scenes when Rohit, Ajit, Rohan, and Akash enter the studio. Akash sees that Kaavya is adding turmeric to Kali daal and she’s using alum to cause an explosion. He gets riled up because of the incorrect technicalities and decides to talk to the director about the faulty depiction. As the shot ends, Akash talks to Netra and Sultan about the fault in the script. Netra sees the Sippys on the set. Soon, Sonakshi arrives there too. Rohit asks Akash to not bother with the TV scripts since anything is possible in a serial. Later, the Sippy’s tell everyone that they are here to meet Sumit.


The Sippy’s surround Sumit and intimidate him. But Sumit maintains his composure and threatens to have them thrown out of the studio. Rohit tells him that they know about the abhorrent thing he did at the fashion show. Sumit is still unphased by this and instead mocks Rohit for trying to entrap him with his phone call last night. Later, he walks away for his shoot but turns to Sonakshi and says her guests have come so far so he should definitely make them feel like it was worth it. He goes on to confess that he was the one behind the mishap that happened at the fashion show with Pooja. He tells them that he actually wanted to take revenge from Sonakshi and had targeted Praniti but unfortunately, Pooja became the victim. He also shows them the anticipatory bail he has to make the Sippy’s feel helpless. He complaints to Netra about the Sippy’s interrupting his work and decides to go home and not shoot today. As he is about to leave, Sonakshi plays an audio recording of him confessing his crime. 


Sonakshi tells him that even though he has been in the TV industry since so long he still doesn’t know that confessing in public can be dangerous. She hands over the phone to Rohit to submit the recording as evidence at the police station. Sumit tells them that they cannot harm him even a bit because his uncle is an ACP. Rohit deletes the audio recording and tells Sumit that they don’t need the police as the Sippy’s are enough to deal with him on their own. Sumit feels scared and asks Netra to call security. Netra asks the security to close all the main gates instead. Rohit calls Pooja who was waiting outside with YK. She comes and slaps Sumit really hard and threatens him to not repeat this behavior with anyone in future. Later, Rohit, Ajit, Rohan, YK, and Akash beat Sumit up. He finally joins his hands in front of everyone to apologize. Rohit smacks him and asks him to be apologetic to every woman he has laid his eyes on. Rohit advises the crowd to raise their voice against such men. He asks Sonakshi’s co-actor who was recording all of this to not post it on social media as the media would begin to discuss about Sonakshi and Pooja unnecessarily. Sumit asks his driver to get his car but he quits saying that he doesn’t want to work for a man like him. Everybody looks at Sumit with disgust and disperse. 


Sonakshi apologizes to Netra for disrupting the shoot. Netra tells her that they did the right thing. She tells Rohit that they encounter such men a lot of times in this industry. She also decides that she doesn’t want to work with Sumit anymore and would replace him. Sonakshi explains how they can show the character Kunal receiving a plastic surgery after an accident where the new actor can be introduced as Kunal. Netra then leaves for the shoot and Ajit, Rohan and Akash join her. A spot boy brings Sonakshi and Rohit some samosas. Sonakshi asks him to get Rohit some salad or sandwiches instead since he’s a heart surgeon and would not eat fried food. Rohit tells her that he eats everything, he only advises his patients to not eat such food. Sonakshi is surprised by this as she thought he would be extremely health conscious. Rohit tells her that Sindhi’s love samosa, kachori, and dhoklas. He gives her free advice and tells her that balancing the food with good exercise is important. Later, he thanks Sonakshi for everything and tells her that without her catching the real culprit wouldn’t have been possible. Sonakshi sits and admires Rohit as he talks.

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