Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum December 4, 2019 Written Update: Pooja commits suicide

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Pooja gets unstable and commits suicide. The Sippy family blames Sonakshi for the mishap.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum December 4, 2019 Written Update: Pooja commits suicideKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum December 4, 2019 Written Update: Pooja commits suicide
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In today’s episode, Pooja gets paranoid and feels like everyone from her family is insulting for being adopted. Rohit and YK bang on Pooja’s door and plead her to open it up. Pooja locks herself in and destroys her room. Soon, YK and Rohit break the door. They see the room is a mess and Pooja is sitting on the floor sobbing. They try to console her and tell her that the news doesn’t matter as they love her just the same. Pooja shuns them and makes them leave the room. Before closing the door she looks at Sonakshi angrily. Sonakshi feels bad for Pooja and runs to her room and cries. Rohit comes to console her and hugged her.


Sonakshi explains him that she tried her best to keep Pooja safe from the news but a shopkeeper told her about it. She blames herself and calls herself irresponsible. Rohit tells her that she is not the one who is irresponsible, someone else is. Sonakshi stops for a second but Rohit tells her that Tapasya is the irresponsible one. He hides the truth from her to not hurt her. Meanwhile, Suman slaps Pari repeatedly for leaking Pooja’s news and putting Sonakshi in a stressful situation. Pulkit hears her and comes to save Pari but Suman doesn’t budge. She keeps slapping Pari for what she did. Pari tries to tell her that Pooja insulted her but Suman doesn’t listen to her. Rohit dresses up Sonakshi’s wounds. He picks her up and takes her to the bed. After a while, Sonakshi falls asleep. Rohit tells Veena that Sonakshi has fallen asleep and he’ll make her talk to her later when she wakes up.


Tapasya asks her team to keep a watch at the Sippy Mansion and give her updates if any. They tell her that after Sonakshi and Pooja returned nothing has really happened. Rohit sees YK depressed and goes to talk to him. YK gets worried and asks Rohit how will he answer Nishi when she comes back. He gets sad over the fact that Pooja threw them out of the room. Meanwhile, Sonakshi sees a nightmare about Pooja and wakes up. She sees that Rohit isn’t in the room and decides to go out to check. She goes to check up on Pooja and as she opened her door and turns her lights on, she sees Pooja lying in a pool of blood. Sonakshi gets terrified and yells out Pooja’s name. Rohit and YK hear her and wonder what happened. She runs towards Pooja to stop her bleeding and calls out for Rohit and YK. The entire family wakes up hearing Sonakshi’s cry for help and rushes to Pooja’s room. They all see the blood and realise that Pooja committed suicide. They put her on the bed and Rohit asks Ajit to call an ambulance immediately. Naren asks Sonakshi to stay away from Pooja as she’s the reason of this mishap. Rohit asks them to stop with the family drama and cater to Pooja first as she has lost a lot of blood. Sonakshi asks everyone to not take Pooja to the hospital as they would have to register a police complaint and the matter would get even more public. Everyone agrees and they decide to bring the medical equipment at home. Sonakshi watches Pooja in panic as everyone takes care of her. 

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