Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 28, 2019 Written Update: Pooja insults Pari

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, the family contemplates if they should reveal the truth to Pooja about her adoption. Meanwhile, Pooja finds Pari stealing a bracelet from Tanya’s drawer and insults her.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 28, 2019 Written Update: Pooja insults PariKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 28, 2019 Written Update: Pooja insults Pari
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In today’s episode, Sonakshi tells YK and Rohit that it is Pooja’s right to know that she is an adopted child. She tells them that she is old enough to bear the truth. Rohit tells her that if they do so Pooja will try to find out about her biological parents and the entire family will fall apart. He angrily asks her to not interfere in their family matter. Sonakshi feels insulted and leaves quietly. YK scolds Rohit for shunning Sonakshi like that as she is now a part of their family. Meanwhile, Pari and Rohan request the pregnant lady to accept compensation and take her complaint back. They beg her but she refuses to accept their compensation. But later, she sees that they’re ready to provide her with whatever she wants and sees their helplessness. Naren rushes to the police station in his car. He reaches there and as the inspector takes him to meet the pregnant woman, both of them get shocked when they open the door.


Later, Sonakshi decides to teach Rohit a lesson by not speaking to him. As Rohit arrives in the room, she ignores him and reads a book. Rohit goes to change his clothes and suddenly the drawstring of his sweatpants come off. Sonakshi has fun watching Rohit struggle to get hold of the drawstring. The inspector tells Naren that the woman accepted compensation and withdrew her complaint just before he arrived. He apologises to Naren. He also tells Naren that it’s a coincidence that the people who hit the woman by their car were also Sippy’s. naren doesn’t get suspicious and tells the inspector that there would surely be other people with the same surname. Rohan asks Pari to come to his house as he wants to do something that would make it normal for them to meet often even with everyone’s presence around. Later, Rohit and Sonakshi fight for the blanket and Rohit ends up sleeping in the bathroom. 


Naren sees that Veena is tensed and she tells him that it’s time to reveal the truth to Pooja about her adoption. Later, Sonakshi tries to help Rohit as he comes out of the bathroom with a neck pain. Rohit gets a call from Veena asking him to meet her downstairs. He suddenly gets serious and leaves. Meanwhile, Sonakshi gets dressed for her interview with Tapasya. As she talks to Tapasya in the living room, she sees Pari in the house. Pari greets Tapasya and tells Sonakshi that Rohan called her to discuss some job opportunity. Sonakshi gets suspicious but continues her interview. Tanya gets ready to leave for her job and Pari arrives in the room. Rohan tells Tanya that he’s planning to give some interior designing projects to Pari since she has a degree in designing. Tanya feels happy for Pari and as she opens her drawer to take something out, Pari notices her bracelet in there. Rohan leaves in a hurry after Pooja as Veena calls him too. Pari feels perplexed but she knows that if Sonakshi sees her bracelet in Rohan’s room, she will not spare her. Later, the family discusses if they should tell Pooja the truth. Rohit and naren strictly refuse to reveal anything to Pooja. Sonakshi arrives there and everyone gets stunned. Rohit tells them that she knows about it as she’s a part of their family too. Sukhmani asks Sonakshi if she agrees with Naren and Rohit’s decision. Meanwhile, Pari decides to take the bracelet from Tanya’s drawer. Pooja arrives there and catches her while she does so. She calls Pari a thief and demands an explanation from her. Pari begins to argue with Pooja and Pooja insults her. The argument escalated and Pooja slaps Pari before Pari could slap her. She asks her to leave the house immediately. Sonakshi tells everyone that she thinks they should tell Pooja the truth. But Naren says that he doesn’t want to take any risks with this issue and everyone collectively decide to wait for Nishi to return before they take any decision. Rohit asks Sonakshi to end this discussion and argument.

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