Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 29, 2019 Written Update: Pari seeks her revenge

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Pari overhears that Pooja is adopted and decides to humiliate her by getting this published in the newspaper.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 29, 2019 Written Update: Pari seeks her revenge Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 29, 2019 Written Update: Pari seeks her revenge
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In today’s episode, Sonakshi asks Rohit why does he get so agitated whenever they discuss about Pooja’s adoption. She tells him that she feels like he wants to hide that secret the most. Rohit avoids answering her and diverts the conversation to get ready. Pari overhears their conversation and decides to take revenge from Pooja for insulting her. She comes up with a cunning plan to expose her secret publicly. Later, Sonakshi talks to Netra on the set and tells her how increasingly important her family is becoming for her. She says things that indicate that she wants to quit her serial to focus on her family life more. But Sonakshi just asks Netra to make adjustments to her schedule and help her leave early from the set whenever possible. Netra understands her plea and promises to make as many adjustments as possible. She also apologises to her for what she said yesterday as she was under a lot of pressure by the channel. Suddenly, a man comes asking Sonakshi about her blouse that she wore yesterday as he is unable to find it in her luggage. 


Sonakshi tries to recollect where she put her blouse and she remembers that yesterday as she was sewing the blouse, there was Rohit’s pants there too. Meanwhile, Rohit walks around with a blouse attached to his pants at the hospital. Everyone giggles and smiles at him. He asks Simmi if he’s looking funny. She lies to him and tells him that he’s looking too handsome today which is why everyone is turning to take a look at him. Rohit feels very good as she compares him to Ranveer Singh. He doesn’t realise that he has a blouse stitched with his pant. Meanwhile, Pari gets engulfed with vengeance and remembers how Pooja insulted her. Sonakshi video calls Rohit and he begins to tell her all about how everyone has been admiring him. Sonakshi tries to tell him that he has a blouse stitched to his pants but he doesn’t let her speak and keeps boasting about himself. Sonakshi asks him to take the camera near his butt and Rohit thinks that she’s being naughty. But Sonakshi sees that he has worn those same pants that had the blouse stitched on it. 


Rohit’s staff arrives in his cabin for the meeting and giggles as they see Sonakshi telling Rohit that he has blouse on his pant. As Rohit realises it, he pulls the blouse really hard and ends up tearing his pants. He panics and falls behind the couch. He sends everyone outside and asks Simmi to call at home to get him another pair of pants. Meanwhile, Pari meets Tapasya to give her the juicy news of Pooja being an adopted child so that she can publish it along with Sonakshi’s interview. She asks her to keep her identity confidential. Tapasya asks his team member to publish the news of Pooja being adopted and incorporate it within Sonakshi’s interview to make the news spicy. The man hesitates as it might be harmful for Sonakshi but Tapasya commands him to do as she says. Next morning, YK and Rohit come back from their run and Sonakshi greets them. As Sonakshi goes to get the breakfast ready, YK asks Vimmi for the newspaper as Sonakshi’s first interview after marriage would’ve been published. As he opens the newspaper, he hears Pooja scream. He leaves the paper to check what happened to Pooja. Rohit picks up the paper and reads about Pooja’s adoption on the front page of the entertainment section as a part of Sonakshi’s interview. He gets worried about Pooja as YK comes to call him. Vimmi takes the newspaper to Veena and Naren as they would also want to read Sonakshi’s interview. Rohit goes to Pooja’s room and sees blood on the floor. As he thinks the worst, he sees that Pooja stepped on some broken glass and feels relieved that she didn’t commit suicide because of the news. Rohit and YK dress Pooja’s wound and she thanks them and feels blessed to have been born in this family. Pari shows Suman the news about Pooja’s adoption too. She also tells her about the project that Rohan offered her. Suman gets shocked as she reads the interview. Naren gets furious after he reads the news but Veena tries to convince him that there must’ve been a goof up. Naren decides to do something to get the situation under control and doesn’t let Veena defend Sonakshi. 

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