Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 5, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi gets the prenup papers

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Naren gets angry at Suman’s as she tried to find out about Rohit’s property. Later, he hands over the prenup papers to Sonakshi.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 5, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi gets the prenup papersKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 5, 2019 Written Update: Sonakshi gets the prenup papers
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In today’s episode, after applying the henna, Suman talks to Veena and Sukhmani and makes them comfortable. She tells them that it’s difficult to manage everything as a single mother. Amidst their conversation, Suman asks Veena to give her their CA’s number as Sonakshi’s CA has made a huge accounting error this time. Sukhmani suspects something fishy about this but Veena tells Suman that she will ask someone to send her their CA’s number. After Suman leaves, Sukhmani tells Veena that she can sense a problem coming up soon. Meanwhile, the Sippy boys try to wash out the henna from Rohit’s hand. Pooja tells Sonakshi that her plan worked so brilliantly. Sonakshi asks her if the receptionist would reveal that Pooja brought the henna artist home. Pooja assures her that she will not do so. 


Later, Sonakshi calls Rohit and sounds very happy. Rohit asks her how do actors remove henna from their hands to not break continuity. Sonakshi tells him that she won’t remove her henna and asks him why is he so worried about the continuity. She asks him to come home for the henna ceremony. From the tone of her voice, Rohit realises that Sonakshi was the one to play this prank on him. Rohit tells the boys that Sonakshi has done this. They tease him and tell him to let the henna stay on his hands. Meanwhile, Mahesh gets a tattoo of Parvati on his chest. He thinks to himself that the henna on her hand might fade away but the tattoo on his chest would never. He says that tomorrow he will get married to Sonakshi. Later, Suman ties a protective thread around Sonakshi’s wrist and tells her that as per the tradition she cannot go out of the house until she’d marriage. Suman asks Veena to tie a thread on Rohit’s wrist too.


Veena tells her that YK must’ve sent her their CA Ramesh Sharma’s number. After everyone leaves, Suman goes aside and calls Ramesh Sharma, and asks him to send her his address. She tells him that she has some confidential work for him for which she will pay him a huge sum of money. Later, Sumit tries to make Raima understand that she’s misunderstanding Sonakshi. Sonakshi arrives there to apologise to Raima. She calls her henna artist to apply henna on Raima’s palms and she leaves. Sumit tries to talk to Sonakshi outside and tries to tell her that Raima might take a rash decision and try to sabotage her wedding but Sonakshi doesn’t listen to him and leaves in a hurry.   Later, Veena sees the henna on Rohit’s hand and laughs. But she tells him to proudly show it off as a symbol of how much he loves Sonakshi. Later, Naren calls YK, Sukhmani and Veena and furiously tell them that Suman tried to find out how much property does Rohit own through their CA. He tells them that she tried to bribe Ramesh. He firmly says that they need to ask Sonakshi to sign the prenuptial papers as they cannot trust Suman. YK agrees with Naren even though he was opposing the prenup papers earlier. Veena supports him too as Suman’s behaviour was wrong. Later, as Pari talks to Rohan on call about how he wants to be friends with her after everything they’ve done together, Naren arrives at the doorstep. He goes to talk to Sonakshi privately and gives her the prenup papers. Sonakshi gets confused as she sees the prenup agreement.

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