Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cooks for Sonakshi

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Sonakshi signs the prenup papers. Later, she makes Rohit cook for their romantic dinner date.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cooks for Sonakshi Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cooks for Sonakshi
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In today’s episode, Sonakshi sees the prenup papers and gets stunned. She asks Naren if he doesn’t trust her intentions. Naren tells him that he only needs to protect his family and this need arose because of Suman’s behaviour. On his way out, he tells Suman that she behaved very wrongly by trying to find it about Rohit’s property behind their backs. Meanwhile, Raima asks Rohit to not meet Sonakshi as it might be inauspicious as per tradition. But Rohit tells her that their love will only grow more and more forever. Raima sees the henna on Rohit’s palms and as Rohit tells her how Sonakshi makes him feel complete, she feels envious. 


Later, Sonakshi gets angry at Suman for doing such a thing. Suman tells her that she was merely scared about her financial security. Sonakshi leaves with the prenup papers and she asks Suman to let her handle the situation now. Rohit sees Sonakshi as she comes home. Sonakshi sees Veena and gestures her to play along. She tells Rohit that she came here because Veena asked her to select some jewelry. Later, Sonakshi goes into a room where Naren, YK and Sukhmani were waiting for her. She apologises to Naren for her mother’s mistake but also tells them that her intentions weren’t ill. She tells them that she can guarantee that she would never get separated from Rohit or the family. She cancels a clause in the prenup which says that she would get 1 lakh per month to spend and then signs the paper. She asks them to bless her so that she would always be capable of taking care of herself. She stops Sukhmani as she takes the paper and is about to tear it as the papers now represent her unconditional love. She also asks everyone to not tell Rohit about the prenup. 


Later, Sonakshi sees Rohit waiting for her. She tells him that she’s too bored to go out tonight. She asks him to cook something for her. Rohit tells her that he has never cooked in his life but then he goes to the kitchen as Sonakshi makes a puppy face and insists him. Meanwhile, Mahesh informs at the set that he will be leaving his job. He overhears Netra handing over some tapes with Sonakshi’s footage to a man to deliver it to the editor as Sonakshi won’t be able to come for 3 days. Later, he approaches that man and accidentally drops tea on him. When the man leaves the tapes unattended, he puts the tapes in tea to destroy them and then puts it back in its place. Rohit comes back with the instant noodles he made. Sonakshi gets happy as she loves instant noodles. He feeds her and they talk about their love. Rohit promises to love her and never keep any secrets from her. Sonakshi feels bad about hiding about the prenup from him. He tells Sonakshi that he never thought that someone could make place in his heart after Raima. Meanwhile, Raima overhears Rohit and Soankshi, and feels heartbroken. She goes to her room sobbing and Sulochana consoles her. She tells her that she has made a big mistake by letting Rohit go.

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