Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 7, 2019 Written Update: Rohit slaps Raima

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Raima tries to get physical with Rohit and to bring her back to her senses, Rohit slaps her. Later, Sonakshi and Rohit have their Haldi ceremony.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 7, 2019 Written Update: Rohit slaps RaimaKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum November 7, 2019 Written Update: Rohit slaps Raima
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In today’s episode, Rohit holds Sonakshi at their romantic dinner and tells her that Raima has done so much for them that he thinks he might never be able to thank her enough for it. Meanwhile, Raima longs for Rohit and sobs. Mahesh dresses up Sonakshi’s mannequin and tells her that he stole a dress for her to wear tomorrow for their wedding. Later, as Rohit sleeps he feels someone’s hands over his face. He thinks it’s Sonakshi but it turns out to be Raima. He turns the lights on and Raima plunges on him and hugs him tightly. She asks him if he missed her or how much he loved her and runs her hands all over him. Rohit feels uncomfortable and pulls away from Raima. He tells her that he’s getting married tomorrow and her behaviour isn’t right. Raima tells him that he’s getting married because of her stupidity. He asks her to go rest but Raima undoes her robe to reveal her lingerie. She pushes Rohit on the bed and gets on top of him. She asks him to spend the night with her. 


Suman sees Sonakshi missing her father and goes to talk to her. Later, Sonakshi tells her that she signed the prenup papers because her love for Rohit cannot be bound by some agreement. Meanwhile, Rohit gets up and gets away from Raima. He tries to explain her but she clings onto him and says that she’s his true love and Sonakshi was merely a rebound. Rohit tries to pull her away from him and when he finally manages to, he slaps her. Raima falls on the bed in utter shock. Rohit tells her that he will always love Sonakshi. He tells her to not tell Soankshi what she did because she considers herself her friend. He asks her to get out of his house after the marriage. He drags her out of the room and throws her robe at her. 


Next day, everyone applies turmeric on Rohit for his ceremony. They rip his clothes off and have fun. Soon, Raima arrives there to apply turmeric. Rohit feels weird but let’s her apply. Later, Vimmi tells Mahesh to safely keep the turmeric that Rohit had used in the car as Veena would take it to Sonakshi as per the tradition. After Vimmi leaves, Mahesh makes his own turmeric paste and applies it on himself so that Sonakshi applies the paste that he used instead of Rohit’s. Later, Veena hands over Rohit’s horoscope to Suman as she believes in matching horoscopes before marriage. Suman apologises to Veena for her behaviour earlier. Later, as Veena goes to apply Mahesh’s used turmeric to Sonakshi, Rohit arrives there and stops her. He tells her that the turmeric he used was left behind the refrigerator. The bowl of Mahesh’s turmeric falls and shatters on the floor. Veena applies Rohit’s turmeric to Sonakshi happily. Mahesh gets heartbroken to see his plan fail. Later, Rohit runs his face with Sonakshi’s to celebrate the ceremony in Sippy style.  Mahesh feels frustrated and goes outside to calm himself down. Later, Suman goes to the astrologer to match horoscopes. The astronomer tells her that the groom is extremely lucky and everything will go smoothly. After Suman leaves, the astrologers disciple asks him why did he not tell Suman the truth about the threat over Sonakshi. The astrologer tells him that they’re preparing for a wedding at the moment. Little do they know that Sonakshi might soon face a life threat. 

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