Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum October 10, 2019 Written Update: Raima makes a shocking announcement

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Raima gathers both the families at Sonakshi’s house to announce something about her relationship with Rohit.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum October 10, 2019 Written Update: Raima makes a shocking announcement Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum October 10, 2019 Written Update: Raima makes a shocking announcement
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In today’s episode, Rohit requests Sumit to not leak about the conversation they had in the room and try to get Sonakshi into a controversy. Sumit agrees and also apologises to Rohit for what he did with Pooja. Meanwhile, Sonakshi reaches home and Suman realises that she must’ve sacrificed her love like she’s Parvati in real life. She yells at her while Pulkit tries to calm her down. Deepa goes to confront Rohan and she asks to talk to him privately but he refuses and asks her to speak in front of him and Tanya. Deepa tells Tanya that Rohan has been cheating behind her back. Rohan doesn’t say anything to defend himself. Tanya seems confused so Deepa calls in Pari and Rohan gets terrified. But Deepa calls another girl named Pari Sharma and she tells Tanya that she is from a travel agency from which Rohan has booked his and his crew’s tickets for Maldives. She reminds him that Tanya’s dad also is in the travel business and he shouldn’t be cheating on him and approaching other agencies for such work. Tanya feels relieved and asks Rohan to cancel his tickets and book it via her dad’s company. 


As Suman scolds Sonakshi and tells her that she will fight for her to be with Rohit, Raima and Rohit arrives at their doorstep. Suman refuses to let Raima into her house. Raima talks rudely to her and Rohit gets upset with her. He asks her why has she brought him here and also asked him to call his entire family here. Raima tells Suman that Rohit’s family is going to arrive so she will have to let them in to talk. Meanwhile, Deepa threatens Rohan as Tanya leaves to escort Pari outside. She warns him that she will make him pay for what he’s doing. Later, as Rohit’s family arrives at Sonakshi’s house, Raima announces that she and Rohit are back together again. Nobody reacts so she asks Rohit to tell them that he loves her. Rohit says yes but Raima calls him a liar. 


She tells everyone that she felt bad and very jealous when she found out about Rohit and Sonakshi. But later she asked herself if she would’ve waited for Rohit for 4 years if the same would’ve happened to him. She realised that Rohit deserves to move on and she saw the love in Rohit’s and Sonakshi’s eyes for each other. She tells Sonakshi that she’s crazy for sacrificing her love like that. She said that Sumit had mentioned that Sonakshi plays Parvati’s role who sacrifice things all the time but she tells her that this is real life. Raima tells her that she can not compare her love to theirs and so they deserve to be together. It took her some time to understand this but she realised that she cannot force anyone to love her. Sumit also arrives there to hand over Raima the bracelet she forgot at his house. Raima thanks him and also tells him that he has been more helpful to her than Rohit. Sumit whispers to her that he’s single right now and is a really genuine guy so she should think about him for real. Rohit intervenes him for flirting at such a time and everyone laughs. Raima tells Sonakshi that they can be friends and she can tell her Rohit’s secrets. Everyone gets overjoyed as Raima tells them that Sonakshi is Rohit’s true love. Sukhmani asks Suman to fix their marriage as soon as possible before any other problem comes up. Sonakshi gets worried about her shoot schedule so Sumit assures her that he will manage that with Netra. Veena gets worried as she remembers Naren being absolutely against about Sonakshi being their daughter-in-law.

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