Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 10, 2019 Written Update: Mhatre kidnaps Rohit

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Rohit chases Mhatre and Nikhil but they kidnap him. Later, Raima opens her eyes for the first time.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 10, 2019 Written Update: Mhatre kidnaps RohitKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 10, 2019 Written Update: Mhatre kidnaps Rohit
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In today’s episode, Nishi asks Sonakshi to tell them the complete truth. Meanwhile, Rohit chases Shailesh with his car. Mhatre and Nikhil leave in a car before Shailesh reaches his shanty. Shailesh sees his shanty empty and calls Mhatre. Rohit hears his conversation from outside. Mhatre asks Shailesh to come to Kabutar Gali in Borivali. Rohit hears this and locks Shailesh inside the house and leaves for Kabutar Gali. Netra reveals that to save Pooja’s reputation, Sonakshi had made a deal with Mhatre. She went to attend his brother's wedding the night before Mhatre murdered his wife which is why she has become the prime suspect. Everyone is stunned listening to this and Pooja and Nishi feel ashamed remembering their past behaviour with Sonakshi. 


Veena feels disappointed with her family who was constantly accusing Sonakshi. Suddenly, Nishi faints. Rohit spots Mhatre at Kabutar Gali but he keeps disappearing into the crowd carrying the Ganpati procession. He runs after him and accidentally collides into Raima’s mother. He tries to help her but she doesn’t show him her face as she recognises him. He finally catches hold of Mhatre and beats him up. Nikhil comes out of the car and hits Rohit severely on his head. Sonakshi rememberers about Rohit and calls him. As Rohit runs away he picks up the call and tells her that he had spotted Nikhil and Mhatre. Soon some goons put a bag over Rohit’s face and Mhatre and Nikhil kidnap Rohit. They ask the taxi driver to take them somewhere on gunpoint. Sonakshi hears Rohit scream and fight. She figures something is awfully wrong and decides to go investigate. Suman tries to stop her but she leaves. YK and Rohan come along with her. They ask Ravi where Rohit is but he has no clue. They go around Kabutar Gali asking about Rohit. A man guides them who had witnessed him collide into Raima’s mother. Later, Sonakshi sees the taxi driver holding Rohit’s watch. She calls YK and as they begin to ask the driver questions, a fan of Sonakshi recognises her and a mob surrounds them. The driver tries to sneak away while the mob keep Sonakshi and YK engaged but Rohan catches hold of him and slaps him. YK, Sonakshi and Rohan threaten to take him to the police when he confesses what happened. They ask him to take them where the goons took Rohit. 


Mhatre, Nikhil and the goons tie Rohit up in a chair. Mhatre asks Rohit why is he so concerned about Sonakshi. He asks Nikhil to search him to see if he’s a cop. Nikhil finds Rohit’s ID and tells Mhatre that he’s a doctor and his full name is Rohit Sippy. Mhatre connects the dots and asks Rohit if he’s related to Pooja Sippy. Rohit gets agitated and asks Mhatre how does he know his sister. Mhatre laughs and tells how Sonakshi came to Pune to save Pooja’s Sippy’s photos being leaked. He tells her how she acted over smart and called his wife and daughter there to ruin their bachelor party but is not paying for it by being accused of involvement with the murder. Vimmi informs everyone at home that someone kidnapped Rohit. Nikhil uses vulgar words to describe Sonakshi and tells Rohit how lucky he is. Rohit gets angry and hits Nikhil with his head. They all push him and begin to beat him up. Meanwhile, Raima’s mother tells Sana and Hitesh that she bumped into Rohit and they will have to move Raima from her immediately. Later, they get overjoyed to see that Raima opened her eyes for the first time in four years.

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