Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cheers Sonakshi up

Today in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum, Rohit comforts Sonakshi and lightens her mood. Later, he insists Veena to come for the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at Sonakshi’s house.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cheers Sonakshi upKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 6, 2019 Written Update: Rohit cheers Sonakshi up
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In today’s episode, Rohit teases Sonakshi and asks her if she liked his idea of putting her in the trunk. Sonakshi gets mad at him but he tells her that Raima once did this to him. He tells her that everything happens for good. Sonakshi asks him what was good about what happened with Raima. He taps her nose and says that he met her because of it. Sonakshi feels flattered. Rohit assures her that nobody would replace her as Parvati as they will sort everything out soon. He makes her smile as she leaves to go home. Later, Rohit sees that Veena has kept flowers and a card to apologise to him for her behaviour. He goes to talk to Veena and teases her for buying a card in this day and age of text messages. He tells her that she doesn’t need to apologise for anything. He then asks her to come with him for Sonakshi’s Ganapati celebrations to make her feel better. Veena agrees to join him. Ajit arrives as Rohit and Veena hug to make amends. He teases Rohit for getting slapped so hard by Veena. Rohit chases him around to beat him. 


Veena asks everyone in the family if they would come along. Naren and Nishi strongly refuse to join her as they want to keep distance from Sonakshi and her family. Only Rohan and Tanya agree. Next day, Sonakshi and her family install Lord Ganesh’s idol at home. Sonakshi asks Pulkit why none of the neighbours have arrived for the veneration. Pulkit leaves to call the priest. Pari arrives and tells Sonakshi and Suman that she overheard her neighbours saying that nobody would come to their house. Suman says that obviously nobody would visit a house who is under investigation for a murder case. Pulkit informs them that the priest will be unable to come too. As Sonakshi gets disheartened listening to this, Rohit, Veena, Ajit, Rohan and Tanya arrive with full enthusiasm. 


Sonakshi feels happy to see them but asks where the rest of the family is. Veena makes an excuse for them. She asks why is the idol’s face still covered. Sonakshi tells her that it’s because the priest hasn’t arrived yet. Rohit asks Veena to lecture Sonakshi about how they should perform the veneration themselves. Sonakshi tells them that they don’t know about the rituals and chants so how can they do it. Rohit tells her that everything is available online today. They proceed to begin with the veneration when Sukhmani arrives with rest of the Sippy family. Veena and Rohit are stunned seeing them and feel happy that they decided to come. Rohit and Sonakshi begin with the veneration. Later, Vimmi arrives with her relatives. Vimmi’s brother-in-law Shailesh tells Sonakshi that he has seen her before at Mhatre’s hotel when she had come for the bachelor’s party. Rohit overhears Shailesh tailing about Mhatre. Sonakshi stops Shailesh from saying anything further as she sees Rohit listening to them. She asks them to take bappa’s blessings. As Rohit is about to approach Shailesh, Sonakshi stops him and requests him to not bring this topic up as it will ruin the atmosphere in the house. Later, Sonakshi apologises to Naren for the drama that happened at Janmashtami. He instead degrades her for earning money through such means. Rohit comes and protects Sonakshi from his harsh words. He taunts Naren and he walks away angrily. Later, the ACP tells Rohit that they have a lead on the case and they have found out that someone is helping Mhatre and Nikhil in Mumbai. Later Rohit finds Shailesh sitting alone and approaches him. As he asks 

Him where Mhatre went after his wife’s murder, Shailesh sits there speechless and stunned. 

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