Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 9, 2019 Written Update: Shailesh runs away

In today’s episode, Rohit tries to find out about Mhatre from Shailesh. Later, Rohit and Sonakshi have a romantic moment.
Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 9, 2019 Written Update: Shailesh runs awayKahaan Hum Kahaan Tum September 9, 2019 Written Update: Shailesh runs away
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In the latest episode, Rohit questions Shailesh about Mhatre but he avoids him and makes up an excuse to leave the house. Meanwhile, Muniya asks Sonakshi to help with the modaks as they keep falling apart. Akash offers to help instead and asks Sonakshi to spend time with the guests. Pari tries to flirt with Rohan by offering him the Prasad but Tanya arrives and takes it from her hand to feed it to Rohan. Akash goes into the kitchen and asks Suman to leave the modaks to him. He asks Muniya to warm up some water for making the moulds. Shailesh arrives in the kitchen and picks up the jug of warm water to drink when Akash stops him and asks him to take water from the glasses kept behind. 


As Akash prepares the modaks alone, Shailesh gets a call from Mhatre informing him that they’re leaving today itself. He exclaims loudly and Akash asks him to be quiet. He mentions Mhatre’s name while talking and as he is about to leave the kitchen he bumps into Rohit. Rohit asks Shailesh if he’s fine. Shailesh says yes and leaves. Veena comes and asks Rohit to go check up on Sonakshi as she seems sad because none of her co-stars or friends came for the veneration. Meanwhile, Nishi complains how lowbrow Goregaon is. Pooja tries to stop her from being rude but Suman overhears Nishi saying that Sukhmani forced her to come or else she never would have. Suman gives Nishi a befitting reply and reminds her of Pooja’s fashion show mishap and the struggles that came along with it. Pooja shows her disgust and disappointment with Nishi after Suman leaves.


Rohit goes to console Sonakshi and reminds her to value the people who are here today instead of wishing for those who aren’t. He pretends to get upset because his presence seems to mean nothing to Sonakshi and gets up to leave the room. Sonakshi holds his hand and as she pulls him, he trips and falls over the bed with Sonakshi in his arms. They stare into each other’s eyes for a long time. After a while, Pooja arrives them and sees how lost they are into each other that they haven’t even realises she’s in the room. She taps on Rohit’s shoulders and snaps the, back to reality. Rohit awkwardly leaves while Pooja tells Sonakshi that Rohit loves her very much, making her blush. Later, Muniya asks Shailesh to stay back for snacks but he leaves in a haste. Vimmi looks around for Shailesh and Muniya tells her that he just left. Akash arrives with the modaks and as Suman tastes one she tells him that it has a little more sugar than expected. Akash apologizes and tells her that a man was disturbing him while saying ‘Mhatre sir I’m coming’ again and again loudly. Rohit overhears Akash and asks him to repeat what he said. Muniya also mentions that Shailesh was repeatedly taking Mhatre’s name when he left hastily. Rohit rushes to catch Shailesh before he runs away. Sonakshi asks to come along but he asks her to stay back. As they get to the lift, Netra arrives and Rohit leaves alone. He sees Shailesh getting into an auto-rickshaw and asks Ravi to follow him with his car.


Meanwhile, as Netra talks to Sonakshi, Suman gets agitated and asks her to stop pretending. She gets angry over how Netra didn’t defend Sonakshi when she was the sole reason for their show to become popular. Sonakshi tries to stop Suman but she is furious about the priest cancelling on them and Nishi insulting her in her own house. Nishi comes and defends herself. Suman tells her that no one had forced her to come here. Nishi gets fed up of Suman’s drama and decides to leave immediately. Pooja stops her and says that she has had enough of this. Nishi tells her that she can’t stay here any longer and disrespects Sonakshi by saying that people from the TV industry will never learn about class. Netra gets enraged and tells Nishi that she is demeaning them but she herself doesn’t have the strength to face the truth that she knows. She tells Nishi that if Sonakshi wasn't a popular actor, Pooja’s fashion show photos and videos would’ve leaked everywhere on the internet. Everyone in the room is astonished. Sonakshi tries to stop Netra from revealing anything further but Nishi asks her to tell her the complete truth.

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